Lawn Weed Control from Lawn Doctor of Raleigh

Weeds are many things. Unwanted. Ugly. Frustrating. But with lawn weed control from Lawn Doctor of Raleigh, weeds are something different – gone. Lawn Doctor of Raleigh has treatment options available for the most common and most stubborn weeds faced by Raleigh-area homeowners, allowing you to take back control of your lawn from dandelions, clovers, crabgrClose up of blades of weeds that need lawn weed controlass, and more. What’s more, our services come with your full satisfaction guaranteed, giving you peace of mind along with a healthier, more beautiful lawn.

Raleigh’s Lawn Weed Control Experts

Over the years, Lawn Doctor of Raleigh has become the Raleigh area’s number one choice for lawn weed control. What’s our secret? Simply put, it’s our combination of local expertise and top treatments. As a locally owned and operated company, we know the Raleigh climate and its effects on turf and weeds better than anyone. This allows us to customize our services on every job, fine-tuning our services for the type and species of weed your lawn is faced with to ensure top results.

Lawn weed control services from Lawn Doctor of Raleigh can treat:

  • Broadleaf weeds (includes wild violets, dandelions, and clover)
  • Grassy weeds (includes crabgrass)
  • Perennial weeds
  • Annual weeds
  • Cool-season weeds
  • Warm-season weeds

Pre-Emergent Weed Control with Lawn Maintainer

Looking to keep your yard free year-round? With Lawn Maintainer – our year-round lawn care and maintenance program – Lawn Doctor of Raleigh will provide you with all of our standard lawn weed control services as well as pre-emergent lawn weed control treatments for broadleaf weeds. With pre-emergent weed control, we apply routine treatments to your lawn. These specialized treatments stop weed growth before weeds have a chance to sprout or take root, ensuring your lawn stays weed-free week after week, month after month, and year after year.

The Lawn Doctor of Raleigh Guarantee

As with all of our lawn care services, lawn weed control treatments from Lawn Doctor of Raleigh come with our service guarantee – the strongest of its kind in the lawn care industry. Under our guarantee, we promise your complete satisfaction with the results of each and every treatment provided by our team. If not, we’ll either reapply your lawn’s treatment or offer a full treatment refund. Our guarantee is just one of the ways we provide our clients throughout the Raleigh area with exceptional, dependable service.

Call for Your Free Assessment & Estimate

Ready to get started with Lawn Doctor of Raleigh? Call 984-232-8596 today for a free lawn assessment and service estimate for lawn weed control. Our services are available throughout the Raleigh area, including Glenwood, Leesville, Brier Creek, Millbrook, and Six Forks.