Lawn Aeration in the Raleigh Area

lawn aeration machine on wheels labeled Turf TamerDon’t let thinning grass or puddling water stand in your way of a beautiful lawn. With aeration from Lawn Doctor of North Raleigh, we can break up the soil compaction and surface thatch that are preventing water from getting absorbed, and air and nutrients from reaching roots. As a result, you can enjoy a thicker, healthier lawn – guaranteed.

How Lawn Aeration Works & Why it Benefits Your Lawn

Aeration is simply the process of loosening compacted soils so your lawn can breathe. With core aeration, which is the process Lawn Doctor of North Raleigh relies on, an aerator extracts small plugs of grass, thatch, and soil in your lawn. This opens up the soil and helps your lawn to:

  • Improve fertilizer absorption, so more nutrients can reach grass roots – helping them grow stronger and deeper
  • Improve air exchange
  • Absorb and use water more efficiently
  • Better resist attacks by weeds, insects, and disease

Determining if Your Lawn Needs Aeration

Do you have clay soil? Does your yard get heavy use from kids or pets? Do you park vehicles on it? These can all lead to soil compaction and thatch build-up. Another way Raleigh area homeowners can tell for sure if lawn aeration is needed is with the screwdriver test. Simply take a screwdriver and stick it into the ground. If it’s difficult to drive in, you’ve got a problem with soil compaction and should consider aeration for your lawn.

When to Aerate Your Lawn

At Lawn Doctor of North Raleigh, we know the best time to perform core aeration is just before the peak of your grass type’s growth season. That way, new grass will quickly fill in the cored out holes, leaving less time for weeds to grow in. If you have cool season grass, such as Kentucky bluegrass or ryegrass, aerate in the early spring or fall. If you have warm season grass, like Bermuda or Buffalo, late spring is a better time to aerate.

How Lawn Doctor of North Raleigh Can Help with Aeration

Core aerators are heavy and unwieldy. That’s why, if you’ve never used one before, it’s best to leave the process to professionals. At Lawn Doctor of North Raleigh, our technicians are experts at overcoming turf care challenges, including those caused by soil compaction and thatch build-up. Leave the job to us while you sit back and enjoy your day.

At Lawn Doctor of North Raleigh, we’re proud to offer the best in local lawn care and aeration services to customers in Raleigh, Six Forks, Leesville, Glenwood, and Brier Creek. To schedule your free consultation, call us today at 919-616-3269.