Princeton’s Local Mosquito Control Team

Yard Armour Mosquito ControlAre mosquitoes driving you inside? Are they buzzing around and biting your family and your pets? Fight back – and reclaim your yard – with mosquito control from Lawn Doctor of Princeton. We offer a variety of services and treatment options for every budget, so you can transform your property back into a pest-free sanctuary.


Lawn Doctor of Princeton: Making Mosquito Control Easy

Whether you have a big mosquito problem or you simply want to avoid one, Lawn Doctor of Princeton is the answer. Our Yard Armour® service is a treatment, control, and prevention solution all rolled into one. It protects your property through a series of applications that are timed, depending on the temperature and level of outbreak. It also covers all the stages of development, so it’s effective in eliminating existing mosquitoes and preventing the breeding and hatching of new ones.

Before we begin, we will explain how every application works and provide you with our recommended schedule. You don’t need to be home for our team to apply a mosquito control treatment.

Specialty Mosquito Control & Prevention Services

At Lawn Doctor of Princeton, we can also offer you the following spmosquitoesecialty mosquito control and prevention programs:

  • One-time event applications. Hosting a wedding, birthday or graduation party? Don’t let mosquitoes disturb your guests and ruin your event. Schedule a mosquito control application so you can focus on hosting your party – and cross mosquitoes off your guest list.
  • All-natural mosquito control. At Lawn Doctor of Princeton, we offer a variety of all-natural pest and mosquito control options. These alternatives provide a safe, effective approach for those customers interested in greener pest control.

All of our mosquito control services are back by the Lawn Doctor guarantee. If you’re less than satisfied with the results of a treatment, just call us and we’ll make it right. That’s a promise.

Typically, by the time you notice a mosquito problem, they’ve been breeding and spreading throughout your yard for weeks. But it’s never too late to treat them. Call Lawn Doctor of Princeton today at 609.737.8181 for a free estimate on our mosquito control services. We have the skills and experience to help you get control of your mosquito problem, whether you live in Princeton or the surrounding areas of Lawrenceville, Montgomery Township, Hopewell Township, or Ewing Township.