Princeton’s Lawn Aeration Professionals

Sometimes, mowing and watering just aren’t enough to keep your lawn green and healthy. When you’ve got heavy foot traffic in your yard – from backyard parties and children and pets playing – it can cause compaction that prevents the soil and grass from getting the right amount of oxygen. And without proper airflow, thin or bald spots can start popping up. What can you do? The answer’s easy: lawn aeration from Lawn Doctor of Princeton.

How Aeration Helps Your Lawn

Simply put, lawn aeration helps your lawn breathe. With Lawn Doctor of Princeton, this process involves using a specially calibrated machine to create perforations, or small holes, in the soil. These holes are typically around 2-3 inches deep and allow more air, nutrients, and water to pass through into the roots. The process also breaks up thatch, which is a compact layer of dead grass that builds up on the surface of the soil and prevents nutrients from reaching roots. When roots can absorb more water, air and fertilizer, they can grow deeply, which means you will have a healthier yard. Once your lawn is properly aerated, Lawn Doctor of Princeton can also put down grass seed, if needed, to ensure a thick growth of new grass.

Does Your Lawn Need Aeration?

Symptoms of compaction occur beneath the soil, so they’re hard to notice until you begin to see telltale signs like bald, thin, or yellow spots. If you’re not sure whether your lawn needs aeration, conduct the screwdriver test to check for compaction. Insert a screwdriver headfirst into your grass. If you have trouble doing so due to a thick layer of thatch, then consider calling in Lawn Doctor of Princeton. Lawn aeration is best done in the fall, after the heat of summer and before cold winter temperatures.

Why Lawn Doctor of Princeton for Lawn Aeration?

Lawn aeration is an advanced process best left to lawn care specialists. If you do it yourself – and make a mistake – it can cause serious damage to your turf. But at Lawn Doctor of Princeton, we have the knowledge and equipment to perform proper aeration. We’re also locally owned and operated, so we understand what your lawn needs in order to thrive in the local climate.

Want a better looking lawn? We make it easy. Call Lawn Doctor of Princeton at 609.737.8181 for a free estimate on our lawn aeration services. We provide lawn aeration to customers in Princeton and the surrounding areas, like Ewing Township, Montgomery Township, Hopewell Township, and Lawrenceville.