PH Balancing


PH Balancing & Lime from Lawn Doctor of Metro West and North Shore

Turf grass is ideally grown in a slightly acid soil, and soil acidity is measured by a number called pH.

Soil pH must be in the optimum range to insure maximum nutrient availability. When a soil becomes too acid or alkaline, some nutrients used by the grass plant become unavailable. Soil pH balancing naturally brings the pH (acidity) level in balance with recommended levels for healthy lawns; slows thatch build-up, which can choke growth and reduce turf density; increases the effectiveness of fertilizer, by making it more readily available to the grass plants, and reduces the possibility of lawn fungus problems.

Many lawns do not need pH balancing applications, so this treatment is not included in a regular Lawn Doctor program. However, the modest additional cost far outweighs by the benefits, should your lawn need it. Lawn Doctor of Metro West and North Shore will check the pH of your lawn and apply the specific treatment to maintain a healthy lawn.

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