Lawn Weed Control in the Mullica Hill Area

A lush, healthy lawn – free from weed infestations – doesn’t have to be the stuff of dreams. With our Mullica Hill, NJ area lawn weed control professionals, Lawn Doctor of Southern New Jersey can make it happen. We have what it takes to fight back against stubborn crabgrass, dandelions, clover and other aggressive weeds. Best of all? You can go enjoy your day while we reclaim your lawn.

Why Your Lawn Needs a Weed Control Plan

Weeds grow in your lawn and garden a lot faster than other plants. That’s why, when you start to notice them popping up and spreading out, you need to act. Not only will many kinds of weeds crowd out healthy grass, but they’ll compete with your lawn for key nutrients, sunlight and water. This can result in serious damage. The good news is that with the right approach, you can control weeds and suppress future outbreaks. You just first need to identify the types giving you problems.

As Mullica Hill area experts in lawn weed control, we know there are literally hundreds of kinds of weClose up of blades of lawn weed control grasseds, with differing life cycles and growing seasons. Weed control can therefore be a challenge if you don’t know much about weeds. For instance, there’s:

  • Broadleaf weeds. Broadleaf weeds are characterized by wider leaves with a network of veins. Some examples include dandelion, clover, chickweed, wild violet and purslane.
  • Grassy weeds. Grassy weeds instead resemble grass and favor the same growing conditions as your lawn. Crabgrass is the most common type of grassy weed.
  • Annual weeds. Annual weeds grow in multiple times over one year. Seeds are often tracked in your yard via birds or the wind.
  • Perennial weeds. These weeds can grow and come back over the course of many years and, as a result, tend to get more established in lawns.
  • Cool-season weeds. Cool-season weeds thrive during the cooler seasons of the year.
  • Warm-season weeds. Warm-season weeds tend to grow actively when temperatures rise, during spring and summer months.

Turn to the Mullica Hill Area Experts in Lawn Weed Control

With the right care and maintenance, it’s tough for weeds to gain a foothold. That’s because with nutrient-rich soil and strong, deep roots – along with a pro-active weed control plan – a healthy lawn can naturally fight off threats posed by weeds.

If you’re not sure where to begin, though, call in the Mullica Hill area’s lawn weed control specialists at Lawn Doctor of Southern New Jersey. We have the proven strategies, including pre-emergent, post-emergent and preventative control, to treat and suppress weeds in your lawn and make sure they stay that way, year-round.

Our lawn weed control services are available to customers all over Mullica Hill, including in Marlton, Medford, Morristown, Vineland, Parsippany, Livingston and Bloomfield, NJ. For your free consultation and service estimate, please call Lawn Doctor of Southern New Jersey today at 856.478.6110.