Lawn Aeration in the Mullica Hill Area

lawn aeration machine called turf tamerYou can’t run through a wall of bricks. Similarly, your grass can’t grow and thrive in brick-hard, compacted soil. In fact, when your soil is compacted, grass roots begin to suffocate. They also can’t absorb enough nutrients and water. That’s where lawn aeration from the Mullica Hill area experts comes in. At Lawn Doctor of Southern New Jersey, we know how to cut down on heavy compaction, break up surface thatch build-up, and open up your lawn so it can breathe again.

What the Aeration Process Entails – and How it Helps Your Lawn

With lawn aeration, there are two approaches to take. The first involves using a roller with spikes on it. The second, which is the one Lawn Doctor of Southern New Jersey relies on, is more effective and longer lasting. It works by using specialized machinery to core out small plugs of grass, soil, and thatch throughout your lawn. As a result, it helps to:

  • Produce stronger roots and more vigorous growth
  • Enable your lawn to better tolerate heat and stress
  • Improve water and nutrient absorption

Overall, aeration will boost the health and appearance of your lawn. In fact, in the weeks and months following aeration, you’ll see noticeable results in the form of thicker, more luscious grass growing in.

How to Tell Your Lawn Needs Aeration

If you’re not a lawn care expert, how can you tell if soil is compacted and thatch is a problem? There are a few signs Mullica Hill area homeowners should look for to assess whether lawn aeration is needed.

First, certain soils, such as those consisting of heavy clay, are more prone to compaction and tend to require aeration more often. Likewise, if your yard gets a lot of use from kids and pets, or you park vehicles on it, then compaction can become a problem. Signs such as thinning spots, weak growth, and standing puddles of water are also indicators aeration is needed.

Finally, if you’re still uncertain, perform the screwdriver test to check for compaction. Just take a screwdriver and plunge it into the soil. If there’s a heavy layer of thatch and soil is compacted, you’ll have a hard time getting it in. This indicates the need for aeration.

When to Aerate Your Lawn

As aeration experts in the Mullica Hill area, Lawn Doctor of Southern New Jersey knows there are optimal times of the year to aerate, depending on your grass type. Aeration should be timed just before the active growth cycle so holes can quickly fill in. For cool season grasses, that’s either in the fall or early spring. For warm season grasses, aeration is best performed in late spring.

Connect with the Mullica Hill Area Experts in Aeration

When it comes to your lawn, you want the best results. That’s why you should leave aeration to the local Mullica Hill area experts at Lawn Doctor of Southern New Jersey. You don’t have to waste time with a costly, heavy, hard-to-use aeration machine. Instead, with our services, we make it easy to get thicker, healthier grass and a better-looking lawn… guaranteed.

At Lawn Doctor of Southern New Jersey, our lawn aeration services are available to homeowners in the Mullica Hill area, as well as in Morristown, Marlton, Vineland, Parsippany, Livingston, Cherry Hill, and Bloomfield. Call us today at 856.478.6110 to schedule your free consultation.