Lawn Weed Control Service in Matawan

Dealing with a lawn full of weeds or even just a few trouble spots? Left untreated, these can cause damage to your lawn as weeds compete against your turfgrass for space, light, water, and nutrients. Instead, give your grass what it needs to thrive with Lawn Doctor of Matawan. With our lawn weed control services, offered across the Matawan, NJ area, we can get today’s outbreak under control and stop the threat of future ones.

Lawn Weed Control: Types We Treat in Matawan

Father and daughter playing ball on a green lawn with trees in background showing lawn weed control in Matawan

When weeds attack your lawn, they develop quickly and spread. But treating them effectively can be tricky if you don’t know how weeds grow. That’s because there are hundreds of different types that can pop up during various times of the year, depending on whether they’re warm- or cool-season. Not only that, but weeds can also be:

  • Broadleaf, which are characterized by wider leaves and includes dandelion, wild violet, clover, purslane, and chickweed.
  • Grassy, such as crabgrass, that instead resemble grass and grow under the same conditions as your turf.
  • Annual that can grow in multiple times, but just over the course of one year.
  • Perennial that can return for many years, getting more established as a result.

The beauty of lawn weed control from Lawn Doctor of Matawan is that we treat all kinds of weeds. Whether you’re facing a large infestation or a few small problem areas, we can quickly identify the weed types, determine if there are underlying health issues in your lawn, and develop a treatment plan for fighting back – and winning – against stubborn crabgrass, daunting dandelions, creeping clover, and many other weeds.

Lawn Doctor of Matawan: About Our Weed Treatments

With lawn weed control from Lawn Doctor of Matawan, you don’t have to struggle against unsightly weeds anymore or deal with the damage they leave behind in your lawn. Instead, our team offers a host of options that are time-tested and proven effective against local weeds. With our pre-emergent treatments, we can suppress developing weeds, while our post-emergent applications get to those already growing in your lawn. We also offer annual plans, such as Lawn Maintainer, that packages weed control with fertilization for comprehensive, affordable care to prevent weeds from re-emerging.

Learn more today by calling Lawn Doctor of Matawan at (732) 817-0909 for a free evaluation. Our lawn weed control services are offered throughout Matawan, NJ, including in communities such as Colts Neck, Holmdel, Hazlet, Old Bridge, and Morganville.