Lawn Aeration in Matawan: What Is It And When Do You Need It?

Are you noticing standing water after rain? Is growth weak-looking with discoloration? Are pests, diseases, and weeds suddenly on the rise? Your grass is a living, breathing entity. And when soil gets compacted and heavy thatch grows on the surface, roots can’t absorb the vital resources they need to thrive, leading to deficiencies and weaknesses. That’s when you’ll begin to notice these signs. But with our lawn aeration services from Lawn Doctor of Matawan, we can cut through both compaction and thatch to get your lawn growing back thicker and stronger.

Lawn Aeration from Lawn Doctor of Matawan: What Are the Benefits?

You know your lawn needs regular care like mowing, fertilizing, and watering to keep it in great shape. But did you also know part of that equation should be aeration?

Frequency depends on your lawn’s health and soil quality. For instance, some lawns in the Matawan area need to be aerated twice a year, while others require annual lawn aeration. If you have clay-based soil, or your lawn is the backdrop to a lot of activity, then it’s more likely soil will get compacted. However, all lawns can benefit from the process. That’s because just walking on your lawn or mowing your grass puts pressure on soil, leading to compaction.

Once conditions are loosened, your lawn will benefit from:

  • Increased air flow and space, enabling roots to breathe again
  • A better-developed, deeper-growing root system
  • More efficient absorption of nutrients and water
  • Less surface thatch, which provides a haven for pests and diseases
  • Better heat and drought stress tolerance

Lawn Aeration: What to Expect from Our Process in Matawan

With the lawn aeration process from Lawn Doctor of Matawan, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of renting an expensive aerator. Instead, you can go relax and get more downtime, while accessing the industry’s most effective aeration method.

With core aeration, Lawn Doctor of Matawan puts our Turf Tamer® equipment to use, removing plugs of soil and thatch from around your lawn in order to get air flowing back into the root system. This process also provides channels for nutrients and water to penetrate into the ground. Once grass roots start receiving the nourishment and hydration they need, it will promote a healthier root system that can support more robust growth.

In New Jersey’s Northeast climate, early spring and fall are the best times to aerate local lawns. Grass types are typically cool-season, which means active growth happens during this time period. With Lawn Doctor of Matawan, we will perform aeration just prior to this point, so your lawn heals quickly and grows back strong.

Beyond Matawan, NJ, our lawn aeration services are also available in Colts Neck, Holmdel, Hazlet, Old Bridge, Morganville, and other nearby areas. Learn more today by calling Lawn Doctor of Matawan at (732) 817-0909 for a free consultation.