Weed Control in Ardmore

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When invasive plant growth gets out of hand, those weeds can seriously harm your lawn. With our expert weed control in the Ardmore area, Lawn Doctor of Lower Merion, Brandywine and Garnet Valley provides the customized treatments your lawn needs to overcome this threat. We offer both pre-emergent and post-emergent solutions to stop these plants from taking over your yard.

To begin, here are some crucial facts every homeowner should know about weeds.

Four Common Questions About Weeds

Here are our answers to four common questions that will help you get a better understanding of weed growth in the Ardmore area:

What kinds of weeds are there? The local region is home to several varieties of broadleaf and grassy weeds. With our top-quality products and flexible approach, we can provide the solutions you need to stop any type of invasive plant.

How do weeds show up in my yard? Weed growth can be unpredictable, as the wind and other random factors can disperse these seeds.

What problems do weeds cause? Along with all of the aesthetic harm weeds can cause to your lawn, they also steal nutrients and sunlight away from your grass and other plants, so it’s crucial to get control of this issue.

Why is weed control important? If you want to stop invasive plants and preserve a healthy lawn ecosystem, professional weed control is the way to go. Simply pulling these weeds by hand will not solve the underlying problem, but with our powerful herbicide treatments, we can put a halt to invasive plant growth at any point in their life cycle.

Trusted Weed Control to Protect Your Yard in Ardmore

If left untreated, invasive plants can do plenty of damage to your lawn. If you want to keep your grass green, beautiful, and growing strong, our experts at Lawn Doctor of Lower Merion, Brandywine and Garnet Valley are ready to get to work. With our pre-emergent solutions to weed growth, we can stop those destructive weeds before they even poke out of the ground. If your yard is already covered in these ugly plants, our post-emergent herbicide treatment will do the trick.

Our weed control is available throughout:

  • Ardmore
  • Lower Merion
  • Garnet Valley
  • Villanova
  • Brandywine
  • Wilmington DE
  • and the surrounding areas

For weed control in Ardmore, contact us today!