Lawn Aeration in the Lower Merion Area

green grass taken care of by lawn aeration servicesWant to know one of the key secrets to a healthy lawn? It’s letting your grass breathe. But if your yard experiences heavy foot traffic, or if you have clay soils, your grass roots can literally be suffocating. Open up your soil and get air flowing again with aeration from Lawn Doctor of Lower Merion, Brandywine and Garnet Valley. We can relieve compaction, cut down on thatch build-up, and help your lawn flourish and thrive.

What Are the Benefits of Lawn Aeration?

Core aeration, which is the method Lawn Doctor of Lower Merion, Brandywine and Garnet Valley relies on, is the process of using specialized equipment to remove small plugs of thatch and soil from your lawn. This improves the air exchange between the soil and surrounding environment, as well as:

  • Water, sunlight, and fertilizer intake
  • Runoff and puddling
  • Roots and boosts resiliency
  • Tolerances to drought and heat
  • Turf density and color

When’s the Best Time to Aerate Your Lawn?

You wouldn’t water your lawn right after a heavy rain, nor would you mow when it’s soaking wet. Likewise, proper lawn aeration requires the right timing, which depends on the type of grass you have. Warm season grasses, like Buffalo or Bermuda grass, begin growing actively in summer. So when you aerate in late spring – right before this active growth phase begins – the holes left behind by the aeration process will fill quickly. Cool season grasses, such as ryegrass or Kentucky bluegrass, grow more vigorously during cooler temperatures, which means early spring or fall are ideal times to aerate.

What Can I Expect from Lawn Aeration?

Immediately after aeration, your lawn will be dotted with small holes. Again, when aeration is timed right, these will quickly fill in with new growth. In addition, in the weeks and months that follow aeration, you should notice a thicker, more luscious lawn growing in. However, depending on your soil quality, particularly if you have clay soils, you may need to aerate on an annual basis to maintain your yard’s health and appearance. At Lawn Doctor of Lower Merion, Brandywine and Garnet Valley, our technicians can work with you to develop an aeration schedule customized to your lawn’s needs.

Connect with the Lower Merion Area’s Aeration Experts

Let Lawn Doctor of Lower Merion, Brandywine and Garnet Valley help you achieve the beautiful lawn you’ve always wanted. Whether you live in Lower Merion, Garnet Valley, Wilmington, DE, Ardmore, Villanova, or Brandywine, call us today at 610.361.8560 to schedule your free lawn aeration consultation.