Lawn Weed Control in Lower Merion

Is your property under siege from crabgrass, dandelion, foxtail or other weeds? If it is, call in the Lower Merion, PA weed control experts at Lawn Doctor of Lower Merion, Brandywine and Garnet Valley. We understand how frustrating it can be to control weeds and keep them suppressed. However, we have the proven approach and experienced technicians to get the job done right – guaranteed.

When it Comes to Weed Control, Knowledge is Power

Weeds do more than look ugly. They can actually compete with your lawn for spacegreen grass that has been treated with our lawn weed control services, nutrients, sunlight and water. Not only that, but without the right approach, they can quickly take over your lawn and cause serious damage in the process.

The first step in getting weeds under control is understanding the types you’re dealing with in your lawn:

Grassy vs. broadleaf. In the U.S., weeds are categorized as broadleaf or grassy. Grassy weeds, like crabgrass, look like grass and generally thrive under the same conditions as your actual lawn. That means when you’re caring for and treating your lawn, you could be promoting weed growth, as well. Broadleaf weeds, on the other hand, include those such as henbit, chickweed, and clover. Some, like wild violet and dandelion, can even flower.

Annual vs. perennial. Likewise, weeds can either be annual or perennial. If a weed is an annual, it can grow in several times throughout one year. If a weed is a perennial, it can come back year after year. These are typically harder to control because they can get strong roots established in your lawn. That means if you don’t treat or remove perennials from root to tip, they can – and will – come back.

Warm-season vs. cool season. Certain weeds grow best during certain times of the year. Warm-season weeds, for instance, develop during warmer temperatures. Cool-season weeds thrive during cooler times of the year. When treating your lawn for weeds, it’s important to consider growing season to ensure you apply products at the right time of the year.

Get Help from the Weed Control Experts in Lower Merion

With hundreds of different types of weeds in the Lower Merion area, it can be hard to know how to control them in your lawn. Let the weed control experts at Lawn Doctor of Lower Merion, Brandywine and Garnet Valley help. We can identify the weeds giving you trouble, develop a custom weed control plan, and get to work controlling and suppressing them. Along the way, we can provide pre-emergent weed control to target sub-surface weeds, as well as preventative care to keep weeds from growing back in your lawn.

Our weed control services are available to homeowners in Lower Merion, Garnet Valley, Ardmore, Villanova and Brandywine, PA, as well as in Wilmington, DE. To learn more or schedule a free lawn evaluation and service estimate, simply call us at 610.361.8560.