Lawn Aeration in the West Chester Area

photo of grass helped by lawn aeration servicesYour lawn “to do” list includes watering, mowing and fertilizing. But what about lawn aeration? If you’re noticing grass is thinning out in areas or water isn’t getting absorbed after a rain, then your soil is likely compacted, which can cause roots to suffocate. Likewise, when soil gets compressed, water and nutrients can’t penetrate and reach the roots. But with aeration from Lawn Doctor of Mason-West Chester, we can help you cut down on soil compaction and revitalize your lawn.

How Aeration Helps Your Lawn

There are two ways to aerate: spike and core aeration. With spike aeration, your lawn simply gets perforated by spikes on a roller. But with core aeration – which is more effective and produces longer lasting results – small, evenly spaced plugs of grass and soil are removed from throughout your yard. This opens up pathways for more water, nutrients, and air to flow in. This also results in:

  • Stronger, healthier roots
  • More efficient fertilizer absorption
  • Increased ability to withstand heat and drought
  • Healthier, thicker growth and a more vibrant lawn in the weeks and months that follow

At Lawn Doctor of Mason-West Chester, we always recommend and perform core aeration services for our clients.

Signs Your Lawn Needs Aeration

While soil compaction lurks under the surface, there are a few common signs to look for on the surface that can help you diagnose the problem. These include puddles of water that don’t get absorbed, weak and spotty growth in areas, and brown spots scattered around. Also, if you can’t easily stick a screwdriver or shovel into the ground, then your soil is likely compacted. And finally, lawns with clay soil or that experience heavy foot traffic are more prone to compaction and should be aerated regularly.

Timing Aeration Correctly

At Lawn Doctor of Mason-West Chester, we know getting aeration right means timing it correctly. You want to aerate just prior to the active growing phase for your grass type. If you have a warm season grass, like Buffalo or Bermuda, then late spring is the best time to aerate. For cool season grass, such as Kentucky bluegrass or ryegrass, you can aerate either in the fall or early spring.

When to Call in the West Chester Area’s Experts in Lawn Aeration

If you don’t know what type of grass you have, or don’t want to waste your whole weekend aerating, call in the local aeration experts at Lawn Doctor of Mason-West Chester. We’ll take the time to inspect your lawn and develop a custom aeration schedule based on its unique needs. Leave the job to us, while you go golfing, fishing, or spend the day with family.

Whether you live in the West Chester area, or in Middletown or Hamilton, our lawn aeration services can improve the health and vitality of your lawn. Simply call Lawn Doctor of Mason-West Chester today at 513.896.5296 to schedule your free consultation.