Mosquito Control from Lawn Doctor of Mason-West Chester

Yard Armour Mosquito Control in West Chester OHGetting covered head-to-toe in mosquito bites doesn’t have to be a normal part of warm weather this year. If you have a mosquito problem in your backyard, call in the experts. At Lawn Doctor of Mason-West Chester, we offer the mosquito control services you need to protect your yard and your family from these dangerous pests.

Why Choose Lawn Doctor of Mason-West Chester for Mosquito Control?

It’s simple, really: we make it easy to enjoy your yard again. With Lawn Doctor of Mason-West Chester’s exclusive Yard Armour® mosquito control program, you don’t have to cover yourself with insect repellent or fight a losing battle against frustrating mosquitoes. We can help you get control over your mosquito problem by focusing on three areas:

  • Prevention. Our technicians are trained to identify hot spots where mosquitoes breed, so they will conduct a full mosquito assessment. Not only that, but they will teach you what you can do to help prevent mosquitoes from continuing to breed and thrive in your yard.
  • Control. Beyond focusing on eggs and larvae in breeding areas, our technicians will also quickly and effectively treat adult populations throughout your property using targeted applications. This multi-faceted approach will quickly cut down on existing mosquitoes and will also suppress the threat of future generations.
  • Regular treatments. After treating your yard, Lawn Doctor of Mason-West Chester’s mosquito control technicians can schedule routine applications for ongoing protection.

One-Time Mosquito Control Spraysmosquitoes

You want your guests to remember your party for the good food and the good time, not for all the mosquitoes swarming around. That’s why, in addition to our comprehensive Yard Armour program, we also offer one time, special event mosquito control applications. These are ideal if you’re hosting a wedding, graduation party, barbecue, or any other kind of event in your backyard. We can provide a protective barrier spray that mosquitoes will want to avoid.

Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

Our services are all backed by a total satisfaction guarantee. That means if we don’t meet your expectations or you’re not happy with the results, just let us know. We promise to make it right by either re-applying the previous treatment or fully refunding it. Your satisfaction is always our priority!

Ready to get control over your mosquito problem? Call Lawn Doctor of Mason-West Chester at 513.896.5296 for your free estimate. We provide mosquito control services to customers in West Chester, Middletown, and Hamilton.