Choosing Our Lawn Care Company in Lexington

Selecting a local lawn care company in the Lexington, KY area is a big decision to make. After all, you’re entrusting your home’s biggest assets into someone else’s hands. But with Lawn Doctor of Lexington-Nicholasville-Georgetown-Richmond, you never have to think twice about your choice. That’s because our team is known for customized services, diligent and knowledgeable care, and going the extra mile to produce thicker, healthier and greener results. It all comes down to the fact that we care more, something you’ll quickly see in the quality of our work.

Why Lexington Loves Our Lawn Care Company

woman playing with puppy on grass treated by lawn care company lexingtonWith Lawn Doctor of Lexington-Nicholasville-Georgetown-Richmond, you’ll get a lawn care company you can depend on time and again for honest answers, simple solutions, and worry-free services. You don’t have to struggle with guesswork or wondering how to treat your lawn and when. Instead, with our service team, you’ll get trained specialists who know growing and climate conditions specific to the Bluegrass State, common pests, weeds and diseases, and how to get your soil and grass into great shape.

Beyond that, a few other key factors set Lawn Doctor of Lexington-Nicholasville-Georgetown-Richmond apart from other lawn care companies in the area. These include:

  • Exclusive programs, like our Yard Armour® mosquito and tick control plans, as well as our Lawn Maintainer weed control and fertilization program
  • Turf Tamer® equipment that is proprietary and not offered by any other company in Lexington, Nicholasville​, Georgetown,​ or Richmond
  • Total customization every step of the way, from your service plan and application schedule to the materials we distribute in your lawn
  • The best guarantee in the business, giving you the peace of mind you deserve

We’re also a part of the proven Lawn Doctor brand. While we’re still locally owned and operated in the Lexington area, this advantage gives our lawn care company’s customers access to the industry’s latest research, advances, and technologies.

Our Company Wants to Make Lawn Care Easier for You

Most property owners are busy. Whether you own a home or run a business, you have many demands throughout your day. Lawn care often falls by the wayside. Instead, let the area’s most trusted lawn care companies, Lawn Doctor of Lexington-Nicholasville-Georgetown-Richmond, handle this work for you. We offer a wide variety of options, from fertilization and weed control to aeration, power seeding, and pest control services, all to meet your lawn’s different needs. You can also always depend on us to treat your yard like our own, so it can flourish and thrive.

From Lexington and Georgetown​ to Richmond, Nicholasville​, and other nearby KY areas, our lawn care company provides a variety of services to home and business owners. To learn more or schedule a free consultation, call Lawn Doctor of Lexington-Nicholasville-Georgetown-Richmond today at 859.699.1999.