Lawn Aeration in Lexington

You want a beautiful lawn. But did you know getting there requires aeration? It’s an often overlooked lawn care treatment that ensures your soil stays healthy and grass has what it needs to grow strong. Not sure how to deliver it? Lawn Doctor of Lexington-Nicholasville-Georgetown-Richmond can help. Our team offers expert aeration services to customers across the Lexington, KY area.

Lawn Aeration: What are the Benefits for Lexington Yards?

When it comes to your lawn, if you don’t aerate, soil becomes compacted and thatch starts building on the surface. This is due to a variety of activities, from regular mowing to walking, playing, and running across your yard. In addition, if you drive or park cars, trucks, or equipment on your lawn, this puts pressure on the soil. Other factors that cause compaction include pounding rains and clay soil.

When it happens, it squeezes grass roots, hindering them from taking in enough oxygen. At the same time, nutrients and water can’t reach them due to densely packed particles. Heavy surface thatch further compounds the issue by serving as a wall, preventing vital resources from penetrating through.

Our lawn aeration services provides the answer. Through core aeration, our exclusive, leading-edge Turf Tamer® equipment extracts small plugs of soil from your lawn. These holes are channels for nutrients, water, and air to get absorbed into the soil. With aeration, compaction is also relieved and thatch reduced, so roots can breathe again and absorb more of what’s needed to grow healthy and strong.

Other benefits of aerating your lawn include:

  • A deeper growing root system that better supports turf health
  • More efficient intake of water, oxygen, and nutrients
  • More resistance to insects, pests, weeds, and diseases
  • Boosted tolerance for stress, from foot traffic to heat and drought

Lawn Aeration Timing: When to Perform it & How Often

Just like any lawn care treatment, aeration needs to be performed at the right time of year. This depends on whether your lawn is cool- or warm-season. Cool-season lawns should be aerated at the start of spring or in fall. For warm-season lawns, end of spring is the right time.

Also, if you have clay soil or your lawn experiences heavy usage, then regular aeration could be necessary. Let one of our experienced technicians examine your soil and discuss your needs to make recommendations that can foster healthier growth, better color, and a more beautiful-looking lawn, year-round.

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