Power Seeding in Kingston, NY

Servicing Ulster, Greene, Columbia & N.W. Dutchess Counties

A method of applying seed that involves turning up the soil to achieve proper seed to soil contact. Lawn Doctor uses our patented Turf Tamer® equipment for efficient power seeding. Our Power Seeding service also seeds your lawn without damaging existing grass plants and eliminates the need to apply straw. With a 90% germination rate, Power Seeding is the best way to restore the health of your lawn.

Lawn Doctor Power Seeding Services will increase turf density and improve the overall health and appearance of your yard. A dense lawn is the best natural defense against weed and insect damage. As your lawn ages, individual grass plants weaken and die, which can result in a thin, unhealthy lawn.

Turf Tamer® Power Seeder

Lawn Doctor of Kingston, Poughkeepsie & Hudson has developed our Turf Tamer® power seeder to provide customers with the best lawn power seeding results possible. Our power seeder’s reciprocating action prepares the seed bed for maximum seed germination without damaging existing turf. The ground-metered distribution process delivers exactly the right amount of seed to encourage plant development and lawn aeration.

The Optimal Time for Power Seeding Lawns

Fall is the best time for power seeding your lawn. First, power seeding will help influence the lawn’s look for the following spring. Second, due to its warm days, cool nights and ample precipitation, fall is also ideal for proper germination and early turf development. In addition, grass seed sown in the fall can establish itself more quickly, due to reduced competition from broadleaf weeds.

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