Lawn Aeration in Kingston

When it comes to your lawn, aerating is one of the best ways to care for it, ensuring healthy growth. This is necessary due to thatch building up on the surface and compacted soil down below. When these issues occur, grass roots can’t breathe, or absorb life-sustaining nutrients and water. But with our lawn aeration services, available across the Kingston, NY area, Lawn Doctor of Kingston, Poughkeepsie & Hudson can get vital essentials flowing once again to the root zone. This supports vibrant growth, bolder color, and a better-looking lawn.

Lawn Aeration in the Kingston Area: How to Tell It’s Time

Soil compaction impacts grass roots. But at Lawn Doctor of Kingston, Poughkeepsie & Hudson, we know there are many symptoms you’ll be able to see above the surface, indicating lawn aeration is necessary. These include:

  • Stunted, thinning grass due to weakened roots
  • Water that isn’t penetrating into the soil, causing puddling and runoff
  • Hard soil that’s difficult to get a pencil or screwdriver into
  • More susceptibility to weed and pest problems, as well as environmental stress

There are a few other ways to tell if your lawn needs to be aerated. For instance, if it gets a lot of foot traffic, from people and pets, or is driven on frequently, then soil will get compacted quicker and thatch will build up faster. In addition, when you have clay soil, it’s more prone to compaction and will need to be aerated more frequently.

Lawn Aeration Services: How Our Process in Kingston Works

lawn doctor technician lawn seeding in KingstonIf you’d like to aerate your lawn, you can rent an aerator yourself and perform the work. If, however, you’d like to take advantage of an expert approach without sacrificing your downtime, connect with Lawn Doctor of Kingston, Poughkeepsie & Hudson.

Our approach to aeration, known as core aeration, works by cutting out small plugs of soil from your lawn. These are left behind to decompose, releasing micro-organisms that eat away at surface thatch as they do. Not only that, but the plugged-out holes ease soil compaction, so there’s better air exchange and roots have room to grow. Also, they create channels for improved nutrient and water absorption, all of which translates into a healthier, happier lawn.

When you choose to partner with the lawn aeration professionals at Lawn Doctor of Kingston, Poughkeepsie & Hudson, you can rest easy the job will get done right. We time our treatments carefully to ensure whatever grass type you have, it will be able to grow in quickly, filling in holes and fighting off weeds. We can even seed your lawn after we aerate for thicker, lusher results.

Ready to learn more? Lawn Doctor of Kingston, Poughkeepsie & Hudson NY offers local customers in the area free lawn aeration estimates. Call (845) 339-6788 today to schedule yours.