Spring Lawn Care in Jacksonville: Get Started Now with These Winter Tips  

extremely green grass from our Spring Lawn Care in Jacksonville.

Are you wondering what you can do to make spring lawn care easier? Getting an early start is the best way to ensure that your lawn is ready to thrive come springtime. In fact, proper winter lawn care is essential to producing healthy, vibrant growth in the warmer months. At Lawn Doctor of Jacksonville-Southside-The Beaches, we offer winter and spring lawn care services that protect your turf and provide it with essential nutrients so that it can look its best from season to season.

Our local lawn care experts are prepared to deliver our full range of services throughout the Jacksonville community, including Neptune Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Southside, Fernandina Beach, and nearby towns. If you want to enjoy a green, lush lawn this spring, read on for our top tips for protecting your yard during the winter season.

Successful Spring Lawn Care Starts in Winter

The path towards easier, more effective spring lawn care may start earlier than you think. Without adequate nutrients and protection from damage and disease throughout the colder winter months, your turf will not be primed for optimal growth in spring. The following are a few steps that we recommend taking as we head into winter in order to watch your yard come to life when the weather warms up:

  • Make fertilization a priority. We offer winter fertilization to provide your yard with nutrients that keep it healthy and disease resistant as temperatures drop. In addition, these nutrients can be stored over the winter to make lush spring growth possible.
  • Avoid stressing your lawn. Pressure from outdoor furniture, piles of leaves, and stray debris can damage your yard during winter and block access to vital sunlight. Keep your yard clean and clear all winter long so that it has the best chances of staying healthy and strong.
  • Spot treat weedy areas. We’ll spot treat weeds on your lawn that could steal vital nutrients from your turf throughout the winter and contribute to a weed infestation in the spring.
  • Prepare a plan for the upcoming year. Now’s the time to consider how you plan to care for your lawn in spring and beyond. Our ongoing services and customized year-round lawn care plans can help ensure that your yard is healthy and thriving in every season.

For spring lawn care in Jacksonville, contact us today! Our services are also available in Neptune Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Southside, Fernandina Beach, and the surrounding areas.