Choosing a Lawn Care Company in Jacksonville

woman laying in grass with puppy showing work by lawn care company in Jacksonville

At Lawn Doctor of Jacksonville-Southside-The Beaches, we utilize advanced treatments and cutting-edge techniques to bring area homeowners dependable results without the headaches and inconvenience of applying lawn treatments on their own. From fertilization treatments to bringing your trees and shrubs back to life, our lawn care company has got your home’s outdoor areas in Jacksonville covered.

Why choose us? The simple answer is this: our lawn care company utilizes top-of-the-line tools and techniques that have already brought healthier, better-looking lawns to homeowners all over the Jacksonville, Neptune Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, and Southside, FL areas.

The Advantages of Choosing Our Lawn Care Company in Jacksonville

Choosing our team of knowledgeable technicians gives you access to several advantages over any health issues that can pop up in your yard throughout the year. Here’s a closer look at a few of the ways our team at Lawn Doctor of Jacksonville-Southside-The Beaches brings our customers superior results:

  • Premium Products

To get the best results possible, we use some of the industry’s most advanced products. From our ultra nutrient-dense, custom-blended fertilizers to our pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control treatments, we have the products your lawn needs to reach its full potential.

  • A Full Range of Treatments

Our lawn care company utilizes several different treatments in Jacksonville, including fertilization, weed control, mosquito control, tick control, pH balancing, and more to repair and maintain lawns. With our vast selection of treatments, we’ll design the right program for your lawn’s needs, regardless of what those needs happen to be.

  • Guaranteed Service

Lawn care can be stressful, we understand that. To take the stress out of getting your home’s outdoor areas back on track to healthy growth, we protect our entire treatment list with a comprehensive service guarantee.

How Our Lawn Care Company Helps Jacksonville Area Homeowners

Our advanced approach to lawn care not only brings your lawn top-notch results, it makes our customers’ day-to-day lives easier, here’s how:

Superior Convenience

Because our technicians can apply treatments whether you’re home or not, you’ll have the flexibility to stay home, go out, hit the gym, grab a bite to eat, or get some extra work done while we get to work.

Local Expertise

Our lawn care company is owned and operated by Jacksonville locals, giving us an in-depth understanding of the inner and outer workings of local lawns. With our local expertise, we bring our customers great results in fewer applications than the competition.

Call Lawn Doctor of Jacksonville-Southside-The Beaches today at (904) 530-2017 to learn more about how our lawn care company brings great results to homeowners in Jacksonville, Neptune Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Southside, and the surrounding communities.