Weed Control in Hudsonville: How We Can Help

Close up of blades of grass showing weed control in HudsonvilleThe fight against weeds can be a tricky one without the assistance of professionals. Weeds like chickweed, clover, and dandelion can quickly take over large areas of your yard, turning it into an overgrown, unkempt mess seemingly overnight. With the comprehensive solutions we offer at Lawn Doctor of Hudsonville-Grandville, we bring local homeowners lasting relief from invasive lawn weeds while saving them the hassles of dealing with them on their own. With our advanced weed control in Hudsonville and Grandville, we bring healthy, weed-free lawns to homeowners all over the area, including in Allendale, Byron Center, Dorr, Grand Rapids, Hamilton, Holland, Hopkins, Jenison, Standale, Walker, and Zeeland, MI areas.

How Our Weed Control in Hudsonville Brings Lasting Results to Homeowners

Keeping weeds at bay throughout the entire year takes a multi-faceted approach to controlling their populations and preventing them from springing up in the first place. At Lawn Doctor of Hudsonville-Grandville, we implement an approach to weed control that addresses a complete range of weeds at several different stages of their development for complete protection. Our cutting-edge approach to weed control contains three essential steps:

Fertilization. For lasting protection from weeds, it’s important to first ensure that your yard is generally healthy. Thick, full, nutrient-dense lawns have a much easier time fending off invading weeds than a lawn that is patchy, thin, and lacking in essential nutrients. With our fertilization treatments, we help give your lawn what it needs to grow and keep weeds at bay by boosting its nutrient density and improving its overall health.

Broadleaf Weed and Crabgrass Control. Fighting your yard’s active weed populations requires a direct approach, and implementing this approach without damaging your grass and your other lawn plants can be complicated. With our premium broadleaf weed and crabgrass control treatments, our technicians will drive out the active weeds in your yard while leaving the rest of its plants unharmed.

Pre-Emergent Weed Control. Controlling weeds is made an easier job if they have yet to break through the soil’s surface. We utilize our pre-emergent weed control treatments to target dormant and still-developing weeds, bringing area lawns lasting relief from these invasive plants.

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