Lawn Weed Control Professionals in Hudsonville

Your lawn is supposed to be where you enjoy weekends with family and friends, games of tag football, and relaxing evenings at home. It’s not supposed to be a source of constant struggle with weeds. But many kinds of weeds are tough to treat and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to dealing with them. Rather than doing it yourself, why not offload lawn weed control to the professionals at Lawn Doctor of Hudsonville-Grandville? We can get weeds treated and suppressed faster and more effectively – so you can have your lawn back.

Why Treating Weeds is Tricky Businegrass that has been treated with our lawn weed control servicesss

Weeds have a way of gaining a foothold in local lawns and spreading quickly. And when they do, they can take away key nutrients from your lawn. This, in turn, can impact overall health, vitality and color.

Unfortunately, lawn weed control efforts for these stubborn and aggressive weeds isn’t a matter of simply spraying your lawn with an herbicide from your local Hudsonville area garden center. You first need to know the types of weeds you’re dealing with to take the right approach.

In the U.S., for instance, weeds are typically either broadleaf or grassy. Broadleaf weeds are those like dandelion, chickweed, wild violet, and purslane. Grassy weeds, such as crabgrass, have many of the same features as real grass and even favor the same growing conditions.

Likewise, weeds can be annual or perennial. Annual weeds grow in several times in one year, while perennials come back for several years, or even longer.

Cutting the grass too short invites opportunistic weeds to grow and prosper.  When temperatures are above 80 degrees, the grass should never be cut shorter than 3 inches.  Three and 1/2 inches is even better.  The grass blades collectively provide the necessary shade to help keep cool season grasses survive the heat.

Finally, there are cool-season and warm-season weeds. When a weed is cool-season, that simply means it grows in during cooler seasons, such as fall, winter and spring. Warm-season weeds, however, tend to favor spring and summer.

Get Lawn Weed Control Help from the Hudsonville Area Experts

Whether you have broadleaf or grassy, annual or perennial, or cool-season or warm-season weeds in your lawn, the lawn weed control team at Lawn Doctor of Hudsonville-Grandville knows how to treat and suppress them. We offer pre-emergent services that target weeds underground before they grow and develop, along with post-emergent and preventative solutions. We also know the precise times of the year to treat all kinds of weeds so our efforts are most effective. When you’ve got weeds, Lawn Doctor of Hudsonville-Grandville should be the first call you make.

Get started today by calling 616.209.4270 for a free consultation and service estimate. At Lawn Doctor of Hudsonville-Grandville, our lawn weed control services are available to homeowners in Hudsonville, Grandville, Jenison, Byron Center, Grand Rapids, Allendale, Walker and Grand Rapids, MI, along with select areas west of US131.