Spring Lawn Care in Grandville: Get Started Now with These Winter Tips

extremely green grass from Lawn Doctor's Spring Lawn Care in Grandville.

Your lawn can suffer in the winter if it isn’t adequately prepared. Michigan winters can be tough, and the low temperatures, snowfall, and shorter daylight hours can wreak havoc on otherwise healthy turf. To help your lawn stay healthy through the winter and spark new growth in the spring, precautionary measures need to be taken. Some of these steps can be taken on your own, and others require professional help. We offer professional spring lawn care solutions to homeowners spanning the Grandville, Allendale, Byron Center, Dorr, Grand Rapids, Hamilton, Holland, Hopkins, Hudsonville, Jenison, Standale, Walker, and Zeeland, MI areas.

How to Get a Head Start on Spring Lawn Care

To prepare your lawn for the colder months and prime it for growth in the spring, there are several tasks that need to be completed. Here is a closer look at some of the most important steps involved in getting a head start on spring lawn care:

Fertilization & Aeration. Lawns can be needy during seasonal transitions, and they depend on constant access to elements like nutrients and oxygen to stay healthy. Unfortunately, these elements can be much harder to come by in the quantities that your lawn needs during the winter, which is why fertilization and aeration treatments are essential. With these treatments, your lawn’s root systems will have what they need to support itself and foster new growth in the spring.

General Lawn Upkeep. One of the most straightforward ways of keeping your lawn alive and kicking through the seasons is by keeping it free of clutter. Obstructions like tree branches and leaf litter can shelter pests that can damage your lawn while also creating the conditions that lawn diseases – like copper spot and red thread – can thrive in.

Our Hassle-Free Spring Lawn Care in Grandville

Getting your lawn geared up for spring doesn’t have to take over your winter schedule. By working with us, you can enjoy a healthy lawn without the headaches of applying lawn treatments on your own. You don’t have to be trapped at home for our technicians to work on your lawn, allowing you to have more control over your schedule.

To learn more about our spring lawn care in Grandville, contact us today! We offer proven spring lawn care programs to our neighbors in Grandville, Allendale, Byron Center, Dorr, Grand Rapids, Hamilton, Holland, Hopkins, Hudsonville, Jenison, Standale, Walker, Zeeland, and the surrounding communities.