Tick Control in Harrison: Worry-Free Lawns Guaranteed

Closeup picture of a tick from our Tick Control in Harrison

The time we spend in our own backyards is meant to be relaxing. So when unwanted pests like mosquitoes or ticks make your lawn their home, you want to act fast so you can get back to enjoying your space. Lawn Doctor of NW Cincinnati puts professional-grade products in the hands of highly skilled technicians to provide tick control services who get the job done right. That’s why, when it comes to lawn care services, we’re the trusted choice for home and business owners across the Harrison community.

Choosing Our Tick Control Services

Ticks are one of the most resilient pests there are, so it’s best to prevent them from ever finding their way onto your property in the first place. Our Yard Armour® tick control services include treatments that can be applied to make your lawn unappealing to unwanted intruders. In addition to the application of anti-tick products, there are some other steps that you can take to make your property less appealing to insects.

Some of the ways to prevent ticks from moving into your yard include:

  • Keeping grass cut to a manageable length
  • Removing piled-up wood where ticks can live
  • Edging your perimeter with fences, gravel, or mulch
  • Raking away fallen leaves, branches, or dead grass
  • Planting foliage that doesn’t appeal to wildlife
  • Minimizing shaded areas by pruning shrubs and trees

If you suspect that ticks are already in your grass, then our team in Harrison can provide tick control services that quickly and effectively drive them out. Once they’re gone, we can help you keep them out by providing regular maintenance. That way, you never have to worry about finding ticks in your lawn again.

Committed to Creating a Tick-Free Harrison

At Lawn Doctor of NW Cincinnati, we’re committed to providing services that make homes and businesses in our community more beautiful. Our tick control services make them safer, too, by preventing the spread of harmful diseases. It’s important to us that our services always meet an incredibly high standard, which is why we promise that any work you deem unsatisfactory will be redone or refunded. It’s that easy.

We’re proud to provide our services to the communities of:

  • Harrison
  • Lawrenceburg
  • Hidden Valley
  • Batesville
  • Western Cincinnati
  • NW Cincinnati
  • Fairfield
  • Delhi
  • Bright
  • SE Indiana

For tick control in Harrison, contact us today.