Lawn Seeding in Egg Harbor Township

Want the thickest, most vibrant lawn possible? You need to go beyond watering and fertilizing. As Egg Harbor Township area lawn care experts, Lawn Doctor of Southeastern Atlantic County can help with our aeration and lawn seeding services. Aeration simply breaks down thatch and compaction, while lawn seeding infuses your lawn with fresh, new seeds. It’s a powerful combination that yields beautiful results.

Power Seeding With Our Exclusive Turf Tamer® Equipment

lawn doctor employee providing lawn seeding in Egg Harbor TownshipTraditional overseeding simply scatters new seed into your lawn. Power seeding, instead, uses specialized equipment to first cultivate the soil, ensuring better seed-to-soil contact. As a result, seeds don’t sit on the surface of the soil, but actually get planted within it. Seeds therefore have a much better chance at germinating and developing.

Over time, this process boosts turf density, while also enhancing your lawn’s natural ability to fight off weeds and insects. Whether you live in Manahawkin, Mays Landing, Ocean City or Little Egg Harbor Township, our lawn seeding services can help produce the thick, green lawn you’ve always wanted.

Selecting the right grass seed mix is only part of the process. To ensure the best results, you need even and thorough distribution. We can provide it using our exclusive Turf Tamer line of equipment. When power seeding your lawn, this equipment uses reciprocating action, so your existing turf doesn’t get damaged. Meanwhile, it’s designed with ground-metered technology, which promotes lawn aeration and more evenly distributes grass seed in your lawn. As a result, you can say good-bye to clumpy patches and sparse growth. Your lawn will look thicker, healthier and more vibrant.

In the Egg Harbor Township area, it’s best to perform lawn seeding in the fall. This way, new seeds don’t have to endure harsh summer heat and drought, or frigid temperatures in winter. Autumn typically has the right mix of warmer days, cooler nights and bountiful rainfall to allow for new seeds to germinate and develop. Likewise, when you power seed in the fall, seeds don’t have to compete with stubborn and aggressive weeds, like dandelion and clover.

Lawn Seeding Experts in the Egg Harbor Township Area

At Lawn Doctor of Southeastern Atlantic County, we’ll go beyond simply seeding your lawn. We’ll take the time to evaluate it, as well as take into account the local climate, growing conditions and your grass type. It’s how we can customize our seeding and aeration services to meet the unique needs we find in your lawn. We even back our services by the industry’s strongest guarantee.

Ready to learn more? Call Lawn Doctor of Southeastern Atlantic County today at 609.646.5566 for a free evaluation. Our lawn seeding services are available for homeowners in Egg Harbor Township, Manahawkin, Mays Landing, Ocean City and Little Egg Harbor Township.

Lawn Doctor lawn aeration service can help prevent these issues and make sure your lawn continues to flourish year round.