Lawn Aeration in the Egg Harbor Township Area

lawn aeration machine named turf tamerWatering, mowing, and fertilizing can keep your lawn healthy and looking beautiful – to a point. But then, due to heavy foot traffic and yard use, your soil can become compacted. As a result, air, water, and nutrients can’t reach the roots and they begin to suffocate. What can you do? As the Egg Harbor Township area’s lawn care specialists, we know there is a simple solution: aeration. With it, you can open up your soil, get your lawn breathing again, and give it what it needs to grow to its full potential.

Benefits of Lawn Aeration 

Lawn aeration is simply the process of punching holes into the soil to cut compaction and break up surface thatch build-up. While there are different approaches to take, at Lawn Doctor of Southeastern Atlantic County, we rely on core aeration. It’s the most effective method and produces longer lasting results. With this approach, we use specialized machinery to remove small plugs of soil in your lawn, enabling more oxygen and water to penetrate. This, in turn:

  • Helps more fertilizer to reach roots
  • Improves heat absorption
  • Enables roots to grow deeper and stronger
  • Gives beneficial organisms more room to live and thrive
  • Produces denser, greener turf – and a more beautiful lawn

Signs of Soil Compacting

As the Egg Harbor Township area’s lawn aeration specialists, we know that before you aerate, it’s important to check and make sure your soil is truly compacted. And you don’t need to be a lawn care expert to do so. All you do need is a screwdriver. Simply take one and dig it into the ground. If it doesn’t go in easily – and you have to struggle – then your soil is likely compacted. Some other common signs of compaction include puddles of water that don’t get absorbed, yellowing grass, and thinning or bald spots throughout your lawn.

Timing for Lawn Aeration

Knowing when to aerate is vital to produce the best results. If you aerate at the wrong time, it could actually damage your lawn. For cool season grasses, like Kentucky bluegrass, lawn aeration should happen in the early spring or in the fall. This is just before the active growing season for these types of grasses, meaning holes left behind by the aeration process will quickly fill in. On the other hand, warm season grasses, like Buffalo, should only be aerated in late spring.

Leave the Job to the Egg Harbor Township Area’s Aeration Experts

If you’re not sure what types of grasses you have in your yard, or don’t want to rent an expensive aeration machine, leave the job to the Egg Harbor Township area’s aeration experts at Lawn Doctor of Southeastern Atlantic County. We’ll evaluate your lawn to identify grass types, soil quality, and any other issues contributing to the problem. We’ll then customize an aeration schedule that meets your lawn’s unique needs. You can expect to see results – in the form of thicker, greener grass – in the weeks and months following aeration.

To schedule your free consultation, call Lawn Doctor of Southeastern Atlantic County today at 609.646.5566. Our lawn aeration services are available for homeowners in Egg Harbor Township, as well as the communities of Manahawkin, Mays Landing, Ocean City, and Little Egg Harbor Township.