Lawn Weed Control Experts in the Pinecrest Area

Pretty Woman playing with cute puppy on green grass monitored by lawn weed control servicesDon’t let weeds rob your lawn of its health and beauty. Call in the Pinecrest, FL area’s experts in lawn weed control at Lawn Doctor of Coral Gables/Kendall. Whether you’re facing a dandelion invasion or a crabgrass takeover, we have the experience, equipment and services you need to fight back and win against the most stubborn weeds. We even back every service with the best guarantee in the business.

Why Weed Control is Complicated

When it comes to treating weeds in the Pinecrest area, a proactive approach is always best. That’s because as soon as you’re noticing weeds spreading, they’ve already taken root and gotten established in your lawn. When this happens, some weed types can even rob your lawn of key nutrients, sunlight and water.

However, lawn weed control isn’t as easy as applying herbicide. To deliver the right treatment, you first need to know which of the following weeds are in your lawn:

  • Most weeds in the U.S. are either grassy or broadleaf. Grassy weeds are harder to identify because they resemble grass so closely, with the most common kind being crabgrass. Broadleaf weeds, however, have flatter and wider leaves and include dandelion, wild violet, chickweed, purslane and clover.
  • Weeds can be annual or perennial. Annual weeds grow and die off during the course of one season. Perennials, on the other hand, come back year after year, for several years in a row. As a result, they tend to get more established in lawns, making them trickier to treat.
  • Likewise, weeds also have varying growing seasons. Cool-season weeds, for example, grow during fall through spring, while warm-season weeds develop during spring and summer.

Get Help from the Pinecrest Area’s Experts in Lawn Weed Control

At Lawn Doctor of Coral Gables/Kendall, we have the full spectrum of lawn weed control solutions you need to reclaim your lawn from unsightly weeds. Our pre-emergent solutions target weeds underground, when they’re at their most vulnerable. As a result, they’re unable to take root and break through the surface of the soil. Our post-emergent services are ideal for existing weeds already growing on the surface, while our preventative care measures help to ensure they don’t return to your lawn. With Lawn Doctor of Coral Gables/Kendall, we make lawn weed control easy in the Pinecrest area.

Our lawn weed control services are available for homeowners across Pinecrest, Miami, Kendall, Coral Gables, South Miami and Coconut Grove, FL. To schedule your free lawn consultation and service estimate, call Lawn Doctor of Coral Gables/Kendall today at 305.456.3084.