Lawn Aeration in the Pinecrest Area

lawn aeration machine called turf tamerAerating your lawn is one of the best things you can do for it. Not only does it break up heavy surface thatch, but it also cuts down on soil compaction, opening up your soil so it can breathe again. And, as the Pinecrest area’s lawn care experts, Lawn Doctor of Coral Gables/Kendall has what it takes to make aeration easy for you.

Why Aerate Your Lawn?

Because just like people, your lawn needs to breathe in order to thrive and stay healthy. But when thatch covers the surface and soil gets compressed, roots start to suffocate. Nutrients and water also can’t penetrate through. That’s where core aeration comes in. Through this process, small plugs of soil and thatch are cored out from your lawn. This results in:

  • Stronger roots
  • Improved air exchange
  • More efficient water and nutrient absorption
  • The ability to withstand environmental stressors
  • A healthier, more vibrant yard in the weeks and months after aeration

How Can I Tell if My Lawn Needs Aeration?

You don’t need a PhD in lawn care to check for signs of soil compaction and thatch overgrowth. Just take a screwdriver and try sticking it into the ground. If you encounter a lot of resistance, your soil needs to be aerated. Other signs Pinecrest area homeowners can look for that demonstrate a need for lawn aeration include standing puddles of water and thinning grass or bare spots. Also, if you park vehicles on your grass or have heavy foot traffic or clay soil, your lawn is more prone to compaction.

When Should My Lawn Be Aerated?

It depends. To time lawn aeration right, you need to know your grass type. If you have warm season grass, such as Buffalo, aeration should be performed in the late spring, just before the peak growth season. If, however, you have cool season grass, like Kentucky bluegrass, wait until the fall or early spring to aerate. That way, the cored out holes can fill quickly with new growth.

Professional Lawn Aeration in Pinecrest

Whether you don’t have the time, expertise, or desire to handle aeration on your own, Lawn Doctor of Coral Gables/Kendall can help. Our experienced lawn care technicians can analyze your lawn and develop a custom aeration schedule just right for you. When you want an envy-inducing lawn, turn to the Pinecrest area’s experts in aeration: Lawn Doctor of Coral Gables/Kendall.

To get started or schedule a free consultation, call Lawn Doctor of Coral Gables/Kendall today at 305.456.3084. We proudly provide lawn aeration services to homeowners in Pinecrest, Miami, Kendall, Coral Gables, South Miami, and Coconut Grove.