Mosquito Control from Lawn Doctor of Columbus-Phenix City

Yard Armour Mosquito ControlMosquitoes are more than just an annoyance during your summer barbecues. They’re dangerous insects that carry a wide variety of diseases, from West Nile to the Zika virus. The good news is that you can protect your family, pets, and guests with mosquito control services from Lawn Doctor of Columbus-Phenix City. In fact, our Yard Armour® program is specifically designed to suppress existing mosquito populations, as well as target where they breed. We make it easy for you to enjoy your yard again.

How Mosquito Control Works

mosquitoesAt Lawn Doctor of Columbus-Phenix City, we begin the mosquito control process by meticulously inspecting your yard to identify the exact spots where insects are breeding on your property. This can include areas such as clogged gutters, open trash cans, kiddie pools, bird baths, and flower pots.

Our technicians will then present you with effective treatment options for your yard that will keep mosquitoes from coming back. Before we start, we’ll walk you through every step of our approach so you understand the process. Then we’ll get to work targeting adult mosquito populations, along with their developing eggs and larvae.

At Lawn Doctor of Columbus-Phenix City, our mosquito control services focus on:

  • Preventing mosquitoes. We will show you where mosquitoes are breeding on your property and give you specific tips for preventing future outbreaks.
  • Controlling mosquitoes. The products we use are designed to dramatically reduce mosquito populations and provide a barrier to reduce the risk of re-entry.
  • Maintaining a healthy lawn. We will provide you with regular mosquito control applications so mosquitoes don’t come back.

Special Event & Natural Mosquito Control Services

In addition to our comprehensive Yard Armour program, we also offer:

  • All-natural mosquito control. These treatments deliver an effective and eco-friendly application that controls mosquitoes without risk to the environment.

Our Mosquito Control Guarantee for Columbus Area Customers

Lawn Doctor of Columbus-Phenix City takes your satisfaction with our mosquito control services seriously. That’s why we guarantee it. If you’re not happy with our results, let us know, and we’ll make it right.

At Lawn Doctor of Columbus-Phenix City, we provide mosquito control services to customers in Columbus, Phenix City, Fortson, and Hamilton. Call us today at 706.653.8923 for your free estimate.