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Lawn Care Services from Lawn Doctor of Columbus-Phenix City

Getting a strong, healthy lawn shouldn’t be a hassle. But when you’re busy, or don’t know how to treat your lawn and when, it can be. Let the Columbus, GA area experts in lawn care help.

At Lawn Doctor of Columbus-Phenix City, we know how to stop weeds and insects in their tracks, combat soil compaction, feed your lawn key nutrients at the right times, and so much more. With a helping hand from our experienced lawn care technicians, we can cultivate a more beautiful lawn, boosting your home’s curb appeal and value in the process.

Tired of Struggling with Lawn Care?

beautiful lawn care in ColumbusYou’re not alone. Homeowners from throughout the Columbus area turn to us time and again for expert lawn care advice and solutions. We’ve become the go-to source for a variety of reasons, including our customized lawn care services. This means, whether you need fertilization or weed and pest control, we take the time to evaluate your lawn so we can identify the exact issues contributing to poor growth or weak color. We then tailor a service plan to your lawn’s needs, leading to a stronger, healthier, more vibrant lawn.

Some of Lawn Doctor of Columbus-Phenix City’s lawn care services include:

We offer annual lawn care and maintenance plans that can ensure your lawn gets the right treatments at key times during the year. If you’re interested in natural lawn care, we can help there, too, with our green lawn care services.

The Lawn Doctor of Columbus-Phenix City Lawn Care Advantage

When you hire Lawn Doctor of Columbus-Phenix City to care for your lawn, you can take advantage of our secret weapon: our highly trained technicians. Not only do they have extensive experience working in local lawns, but they also understand the climate, soil, and growing conditions that could be affecting yours. As a result, they can develop and deliver more effective lawn care strategies and treatment options that will keep your lawn growing strong.

Stop struggling with lawn care and poor results. If you’re ready for a professional-looking lawn, call in Lawn Doctor of Columbus-Phenix City today at 706.653.8923. Our lawn care services are available in Columbus, Phenix City, Fortson, and Hamilton, as well as the surrounding communities.


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