Lawn Weed Control in Collegeville

When it comes lawn care, weed control can be one of the trickiest tasks to master. Just when you think you have them treated and suppressed, they pop up and spread. What can you do? Stop fighting an uphill battle and instead leave the job to the Collegeville, PA area weed control experts: Lawn Doctor of Collegeville-Upper Providence-Upper Merion. We can get weeds under control – and keep them that way – so you can enjoy a strong, healthy lawn.

What You Need to Know About Weeds in Your Lawn

Weeds can certainly detract from the overall look of your lawn, but there’s something morextremely green grass that has been treated with lawn weed control in Collegevillee damaging going on beneath the surface. As weeds grow, they start competing with your grass for nutrients and water, weakening your lawn in the process. They can also spread quickly, further harming your grass as well as your landscape. But before taking action, it’s important to know the kinds of weeds you’re dealing with.

Weeds in the U.S. generally fall into two categories: broadleaf and grassy. Broadleaf are weeds that include dandelions, clover, chickweed, purslane, henbit, and wild violet. Some of these weeds even flower. Grassy weeds, such as crabgrass, look similar to the grass growing in your lawn. These types of weeds can be tough to get a handle on because they like the same conditions as your lawn. When you take good care of your grass, you may inadvertently benefit these weeds.

Besides broadleaf and grassy, weeds can be perennials or annuals. Perennial weeds come back season after season and are more stubborn since they establish strong roots in your lawn. Annual weeds, on the other hand, come back multiple times in one season. They’re typically brought into your lawn in seed form, via birds or the wind.

Beyond varying lifespans, weeds can grow during different seasons, too. Some are warm-season, actively developing during warmer temperatures, while others are cool-season. To time lawn weed control correctly, you need to know the growing season of weeds to ensure you apply the right products at the right time.

Need Help? Turn to Collegeville’s Lawn Weed Control Experts

Getting lawn weeds under control can be a challenge for many Collegeville area homeowners. That’s why it’s best to bring in a professional.

At Lawn Doctor of Collegeville-Upper Providence-Upper Merion, we have the experienced technicians, proprietary, made-in-America equipment, and proven approach to lawn weed control. In fact, before we begin any treatment, we’ll thoroughly evaluate your lawn so we can identify the exact types of weeds in it. We can also offer all the solutions you need, from pre-emergent control that targets weeds before they break through the surface to preventative measures to provide continued suppression.