Lawn Aeration in the Collegeville Area

When most homeowners think of achieving a healthy lawn, mowing and watering come to mind. But did you know that aerating can actually be one of the best ways to get thicker growth and greener grass? That’s because aeration breaks up soil compaction and thatch build-up, providing better air flow and, over time, improving overall health and appearance. At Lawn Doctor of Collegeville-Upper Providence-Upper Merion, we make lawn aeration easy. We have the exclusive equipment, local growing expertise, and proven approach – so you can enjoy the most beautiful results in your lawn, guaranteed.

Why Consider Aeration for Your Lawn?Pretty Woman playing with cute puppy on grass that has undergone lawn aeration in Collegeville

Because most lawns get compacted over time due to traffic from kids, pets, and guests. In addition, thatch begins to build up, making it hard for nutrients, water, and oxygen to penetrate the soil. But there is an easy answer with core aeration. It’s simply the process of using specialized equipment to core out small chunks of soil throughout your lawn. Alongside improved air intake, some other advantages of lawn aeration include:

  • Stronger root system and more vigorous growth
  • Increased ability to absorb more nutrients
  • Increased ability to absorb heat
  • More efficient use of water
  • Thicker, more luscious growth in the weeks and months following aeration

Ways to Tell if Your Lawn Needs Aeration

At Lawn Doctor of Collegeville-Upper Providence-Upper Merion, we know there are numerous signs to be on the lookout for that indicate your lawn would benefit from aeration. These include bald or thinning spots throughout your lawn; yellowing grass; and standing puddles that run-off instead of getting absorbed. If you don’t see these signs, but suspect compaction, you can also perform the screwdriver or shovel test to check. Simply take a screwdriver or shovel and drive it into the soil. If it’s a struggle – and you encounter a lot of resistance – then your lawn needs aeration.

Why Hire Us for Lawn Aeration?

If you’re a weekend warrior or staunch do-it-yourselfer, you can certainly spend the time and money to aerate your lawn by yourself. However, one small mistake – such as aerating at the wrong time of year – can cause serious damage to your lawn.

That’s why lawn aeration is a process best left to the professionals at Lawn Doctor of Collegeville-Upper Providence-Upper Merion. We know, for instance, that warm season grasses should be aerated only in late spring, while cool season grasses are best aerated in the fall or early spring. We also have the proprietary equipment and specialized expertise necessary to perform proper aeration – and improve the overall appearance and health of your yard.

To get started or schedule a free consultation, call Lawn Doctor of Collegeville today at 610.489.1307. We proudly provide lawn aeration services to customers in Collegeville, Phoenixville, King of Prussia, and White Marsh.