Lawn Weed Control in Cherry Hill: Stop Invaders with a Treatment Plan

Close up of blades of grass showing lawn weed control in Cherry HillIf you’re like many property owners in the Cherry Hill, NJ area, when you see a dandelion, you’re tempted to either pull it or spray it with a lawn weed control product. But if there’s a large number, it can indicate other underlying problems. Weeds of all kinds are opportunistic, simply meaning they take advantage of less-than-ideal growing conditions. When you improve those first, you’ll achieve a yard that naturally fights off weeds and other invaders better. But where to begin? With a plan that includes:

  • Seeding susceptible areas. Spots that are patchy or bald are the perfect place for weeds to take root and spread. Stop the infiltration with some seed applied in late summer through fall. Boosted turf density will ensure weeds of all kinds can’t sprout up and crowd out grass. Just make sure you pick a high-quality mix that’s disease-, drought- and insect-resistant, as well as a solid performer in Southern New Jersey’s growing zone.
  • Cutting grass higher. When your grass is longer, it actually produces more chlorophyll, which is fuel for healthy roots. Not only that, but when you leave behind about a third of the height each time, blades will better shade the soil’s surface, stopping weed development.
  • Aerating your yard each year. Grass favors soil where there’s a good flow of nutrients, water, and oxygen. Weeds, on the other hand, can tolerate compaction. That’s why aerating your lawn regularly is an important step in gaining more control over weeds. This is especially true if your property experiences heavy foot traffic or is made up of a clay-based composition.
  • Watering infrequently. When the Cherry Hill area’s rainfall is limited or if grass is starting to yellow, you might want to water a little each day. However, doing so will eventually cause roots to grow near the surface. As a result, they’ll be more susceptible to drought and stress, and more easily damaged. Instead, water deeply to about the depth of four to six inches, one time each week.

Cherry Hill’s Lawn Weed Control Team: Leave the Job to Us!

At Lawn Doctor of Cherry Hill West & South, we’re all about taking a proactive approach to lawn weed control. That’s why, when you hire us, we’ll not only provide you with recommendations on how and when to treat weeds, but also get your lawn growing stronger so it’s a powerhouse against future problems.

Lawn Doctor of Cherry Hill West & South offers lawn weed control across many nearby Southern NJ communities, including Haddonfield, Haddon Heights, Merchantville, Pennsauken, and Bellmawr. Learn more with a call to (856) 428-0858 for a free consultation.