Mosquito Control Services for Cherry Hill Homeowners

Yard Armour Mosquito Control in Cherry HillGetting control of a mosquito problem can be a challenging task for the average homeowner. That’s where Lawn Doctor of Cherry Hill West & South comes in. We offer a wide variety of mosquito control services to customers in and around Cherry Hill, Haddon Heights, Haddonfield, Merchantville, and other nearby Southern NJ communities. With help from our experienced team, we can provide your family and your property with protection that’s proven safe and effective, all so you can enjoy your yard again.

Mosquito Control from Lawn Doctor of Cherry Hill West & South

As experts in pest control, Lawn Doctor of Cherry Hill West & South knows that these little insects go beyond annoying. They can actually make you ill by spreading a variety of dangerous diseases. But with our Yard Armour® Mosquito Control program in Cherry Hill, you can rest easy your property is well protected all season, so you and your family can safely enjoy it.

Yard Armour delivers a series of timed treatment applications based on area temperatures that drastically reduce mosquitoes in your yard. Not only does it provide a barrier of protection around your lawn, but also controls adults, and suppresses developing eggs and larvae. As a result, the threat of future numbers multiplying is greatly diminished.

Through our Yard Armour Mosquito Control program, Lawn Doctor of Cherry Hill West & South will also discuss ways in which you can prevent mosquito populations from rising again. We’ll walk your property with you to educate you on specific steps to take between service visits to eliminate breeding areas and other spots where mosquitoes like to hide. We will also return to your property on a regular basis to deliver maintenance applications for season-long protection.

Our Specialty Mosquito Control Options & Service Guarantee in Cherry Hill

In addition to our comprehensive Yard Armour program, Lawn Doctor of Cherry Hill West & South also offers a variety of other mosquito control options from which to choose. These include:

  • Single sprays for special events, such as weddings, parties, and picnics.
  • Natural pest control services that are effective, safe, and rely on 100% organic materials.

Whatever mosquito control option you choose us for, you can count on Lawn Doctor of Cherry Hill West & South to work hard in your yard, delivering the level of service and results you’d expect from a locally owned and operated company. But if we fail to meet your expectations, call us and we’ll make it right through our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Connect with Lawn Doctor of Cherry Hill West & South today at 856.428.0858 to book your free consultation. Beyond Cherry Hill, NJ, our mosquito control services are also available in Pennsauken, Bellmawr, Haddon Heights, Haddonfield, Merchantville, and other nearby areas.