Lawn Weed Control Service in Cherry Hill

From crabgrass and dandelion to chickweed and clover, weeds can seem to appear out of nowhere and spread quickly across your lawn. It’s a frustrating situation, especially after all the hard work you’ve likely put in your yard. What can you do? Give Lawn Doctor of Cherry Hill West & South a call. As lawn weed control specialists serving areas in and around Cherry Hill, Haddonfield, Merchantville, and surrounding areas, we know how to identify weeds, treat even the most stubborn kinds, and protect your lawn going forward.

Lawn Weed Control: Types We Treat in the Cherry Hill Area

Father and daughter playing ball on a green lawn with trees in background showing lawn weed control in Cherry Hill

With so many different kinds of weeds, each with varying growing seasons, it can be tough to tackle weed control on your own. But the lawn weed control professionals at Lawn Doctor of Cherry Hill West & South are here for you. We understand the types of weeds most common to our area, as well as lesser known varieties, and how to best treat them all. We even customize our approach and services to the exact specifications and needs of your lawn.

Throughout our work, Lawn Doctor of Cherry Hill West & South successfully controls a wide variety of weeds, including:

  • Perennials: These regrow from one year to the next and include dandelion, ground ivy (creeping charlie), wild strawberry, and violets .
  • Annuals: These can grow in several times, but just during one year. Types include chickweed, henbit, yellow oxalis, hairy bittercress, and groundsel.
  • Broadleaf: These are identified by their leaves, which are broad and flat. Examples include dandelion, chickweed, clover, ground ivy, thistle, oxalis, henbit, and plantain.
  • Grassy: These are harder to recognize since they appear similar to grass and grow under the same conditions. Kinds include crabgrass, creeping bentgrass, dallisgrass, and goose grass.

Lawn Doctor of Cherry Hill West & South: About Our Weed Treatments

Lawn Doctor of Cherry Hill West & South knows one-size-fits-all isn’t effective when it comes to lawn weed control. Different weeds require different products at varying times of the year. That’s why so many homeowners in and around Cherry Hill, Merchantville, Pennsauken, and Bellmawr choose us for lawn weed control. We offer treatments specifically designed to control a broad range of existing weeds, as well as pre-emergent ones before they fully develop. We also offer preventative measures that can keep your lawn as healthy as possible so weeds don’t come back.

Learn more today by calling Lawn Doctor of Cherry Hill West & South NJ at (856) 428-0858 to set up your free lawn weed control consultation.