Lawn Aeration in Willingboro

You love your lawn and use it a lot. But heavy foot traffic, from kids playing and riding bikes across your grass to pets running on it, can lead to compacted soil conditions. Even just regular mowing and walking on your grass can cause compaction over time, squeezing roots and stopping air, water, and nutrients from reaching them. When this happens, there’s only one effective treatment option for local yards in Willingboro, NJ: lawn aeration.

Aeration from Lawn Doctor of Burlington-Willingboro: What are the Benefits?

Every lawn can benefit from aeration. It’s just a question of frequency. For instance, if your soil has poor composition and is clay-based, then it might require annual aeration. Likewise, when your grass experiences lots of wear and tear each season, then soil will get compacted and surface thatch will build.

If you’re not sure whether conditions are condensed in your yard, an aeration technician from Lawn Doctor of Burlington-Willingboro can evaluate your lawn and make recommendations. If your lawn does need to be aerated, some benefits you can expect include:

  • More efficient air, water, and nutrient uptake
  • A deeper growing, heartier root system
  • A healthier environment for grass so it’s greener, thicker, and stronger
  • A lawn that can better tolerate stress and requires less maintenance

Lawn Aeration Services: How Our Process Works

Lawn aeration is a job you can perform on your own by renting a piece of equipment. But if you’d rather relax during your down time and avoid hassles and headaches, you can leave the work to our expert aeration team.

We use a method called core aeration that’s proven to deliver longer lasting results. With it, our proprietary, best-in-class Turf Tamer equipment® cuts out small, evenly spaced plugs from your soil. This process opens up your lawn for more air to get to roots, as well as for an increased level of water and nutrients to flow into the soil, further nourishing the root system. At the same time, restrictive surface thatch, which can block out these key essentials, is also broken up.

We recommend aeration just before your grass type’s active growth cycle. That way, your lawn can recover faster so you can quickly see the results and benefits in the weeks that follow. If your turf density needs a boost, our team can also seed your lawn after aeration to further enhance thickness and vitality.

Our lawn aeration services are available in Willingboro and Burlington as well as the surrounding communities, such as Beverly, Delanco, and Edgewater Park. Call (856) 751-1623 today to learn more with a free consultation.