How Our Lawn Care Services in Bowling Green Fix Common Problems

extremely green grass photo fills entire frame showing lawn care services in Bowling GreenWhen you’re seeing issues with poor color, patchy growth, and other persistent problems in your yard, it makes time in it less enjoyable. Instead, take back your turf with the team at Lawn Doctor of Bowling Green. Our lawn care services, offered across the Bowling Green, KY area, can help when the pressure’s on in your yard, including with challenges like:

The Problem: Grass that looks thin.

How We Can Solve It: This can be caused by poor soil quality, as well as the wrong type of turf grass planted. With lawn care services from Lawn Doctor of Bowling Green, you don’t have to guess, though. We’ll provide an expert assessment and the right-fit treatments, from pH testing and balancing to reseeding with heartier, higher-quality varieties.

The Problem: Weeds spreading across your lawn.

How We Can Solve It: Weeds love all types of lawns, even the healthiest. However, if yours isn’t well-tended, it’s far more susceptible. Beyond mowing, watering, and fertilizing properly, it’s important to be proactive with weed control. Let the lawn care services team at Lawn Doctor of Bowling Green help with the job. We offer the pre- and post-emergent treatments needed to suppress species of all sorts and prevent them from returning and re-infesting.

The Problem: Poor growth in shady spots.

How We Can Solve It: Most grasses don’t grow well in the shade, which is why it’s important to prune back trees and shrubs that are blocking sunlight. However, if this isn’t an option, then more shade-tolerant varieties should be planted. The lawn care service technicians at Lawn Doctor of Bowling Green can recommend the right types that will not only work well in your yard, but also with our southern Kentucky climate and growing patterns.

Bowling Green’s Choice for Lawn Care Services: Get Started Today!

Want to come home to a healthy, hassle-free lawn? The lawn care service team at Lawn Doctor of Bowling Green can bring that vision to life. With our experienced technicians, we can deliver all the fixes you need to the above challenges and many others. You don’t need to worry about DIY approaches that deliver weak results any longer. What’s more, going forward, we can provide the preventative services your lawn needs to ensure problems don’t come back.

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