Lawn Aeration in Bowling Green

For your grass, trying to grow through compacted soil is like trying to run through a wall of bricks. It’s not going to happen. As a result, your lawn takes a hit in the form of weak growth, poor drainage, and more vulnerability to weeds and pests. When a thick layer of surface thatch gets added to the mix, it further compounds conditions, hindering rain, air, and fertilizer from getting to grass roots. That’s where Lawn Doctor of Bowling Green comes in. With our lawn aeration services, we’ve been helping local homeowners in the Bowling Green, KY area restore their yards to good health.

Aeration from Lawn Doctor of Bowling Green: The Benefits for Your Yard

Lawn aeration is a simple process that yields some significant results. When soil conditions are loosened and thatch is diminished, your lawn can then:

  • Absorb more air, water, nutrients, and other essentials
  • Breathe easier with more room to grow deeper roots
  • Better tolerate drought and heat, as well as resist insects and disease
  • Grow in lusher and greener for boosted curb appeal

Lawn Aeration Services: What to Expect with Our Approach

Your lawn says a lot about you. And if yours is looking weak and worn out, has standing puddles of water, and is host to spreading weeds, then it’s time to aerate. Likewise, we know when soil is clay or when your lawn gets a lot of foot traffic, aeration is often needed annually. Another simple way to tell soil is compacted is with the screwdriver test. Try sticking a screwdriver into your soil; when conditions are heavily compacted, it will be difficult to do.

When that’s the case, we provide the solution through core aeration. With our approach, we will perforate your soil and punch out plugs that are less than an inch in diameter. The pockets left behind in your lawn serve as pathways for increased nutrients, water, and air to circulate into the root zone. Likewise, with compaction and thatch levels eased, your root system and grass blades can both breathe easier.

At Lawn Doctor of Bowling Green, we take a custom approach in all we do, including aeration. We will perform a thorough assessment of your lawn first so we can learn about its grass types and soil condition. This enables us to develop an aeration schedule best-suited for the type of lawn you have and its overall needs. We aim to perform the job just before active growth takes place, ensuring the fastest recovery and the best results.

Learn more from the local lawn aeration team at Lawn Doctor of Bowling Green. Call (270) 846-1130 today to book your free consultation.