Fall Lawn Care in Bowling Green: Tips for a Beautiful Spring Lawn

Father and daughter playing ball on a green lawn with trees in background showing fall lawn care in Bowling GreenA gorgeous green lawn in spring doesn’t get there by accident or overnight. Instead, you need to invest some effort now, during the autumn season, to achieve that end goal. At Lawn Doctor of Bowling Green, we can help you get there. As leading experts in fall lawn care in the Bowling Green, KY area, we know what you do now will play a major role in the healthiness of your yard next spring. So if you want the best growing season ahead, here are some important steps to take:

Cut through soil compaction. Help your grass roots breathe easier and take in more nutrients and water by aerating your lawn. This is especially critical if you have clay soil, or your lawn experiences a lot of foot traffic over summer.

Seed burned out or bare areas. Don’t let weeds and diseases take over areas damaged by summer heat and drought. Fix and fill them in by seeding. It will improve appearance and natural defenses.

Fertilize your grass. Give your lawn the care and energy it needs to recover from summer stress, as well as improve winter hardiness with the final two fertilizer applications in the Bowling Green area’s fall.

Keep up on mowing and watering. Continue to maintain your lawn through regular mowing and watering. For instance, cut until your grass goes dormant for the winter and water if grass isn’t getting around one inch of rainfall every week.

Remove those leaves. If leaves are piling up on your lawn, remove them before they lead to trouble. When there’s high coverage, it means grass isn’t getting enough sunlight. This can also cause issues with disease thanks to the soggy, dark conditions leaves create.

Let Bowling Green’s Fall Lawn Care Team Help

You want a great-looking lawn, you just don’t have the time to get it there. Sound familiar? Not to worry. This fall, turn to the lawn care professionals at Lawn Doctor of Bowling Green for help. While you continue to mow, water, and rake, we can inspect your turf, assess its overall health and problem areas, and customize a plan and service schedule designed especially for it. We’ll give it what needs – at exactly the right time of the season – for the most beautiful spring yet.

Get started today by calling Lawn Doctor of Bowling Green at (270) 846-1130 for a free consultation. We offer fall lawn care in the Bowling Green, KY area.