Mosquito Control Services for Ridgewood

Yard Armour Mosquito ControlLawns that are buzzing with mosquitoes can be annoying, irritating and they can also present a very real health risk to you and your family. Mosquitoes can carry diseases that can cause serious illness, and even death in some cases. Keep your lawn free of these dangerous inhabitants by connecting with your local experts at Lawn Doctor of Central Bergen. To decrease the mosquito populations of homeowners in the Ridgewood, Wyckoff, Franklin Lakes and Glen Rock, NJ areas, we implement an approach to mosquito control that combines industry techs with intimate knowledge of local environmental conditions.

How Our Mosquito Control Services Help Ridgewood Homeowners

When you choose the mosquito control services offered by our Ridgewood-area team at Lawn Doctor of Central Bergen, you’re choosing services that have been proven all across the country. Here’s a brief rundown on how we implement a multi-step approach to clearing our customers’ lawns of pesky mosquitoes:

1. Prevention

It’s easier to treat a mosquito problem when you don’t have one. To keep mosquito populations from taking up residence in your yard in the first place, we’ll sit down with you to develop effective mosquito prevention strategies based on your lawn’s specific location and composition.

2. Control

If you’ve already been joined on your property by a resident population of mosquitoes, they can be tricky to get rid of on your own. We’ll implement treatments using some of the most effective mosquito control products in the industry to address any current infestations and place a protective barrier around your lawn to prevent future populations from moving in.

3. Maintenance

Once your lawn’s resident mosquito population has been addressed, we’ll turn our attention to future populations. To discourage future invasions, we’ll help you develop a maintenance task list, as well as returning to provide scheduled follow-up treatments.

Services with a Guarantee in Ridgewood

Unprotected mosquito control treatments put both you and your lawn at risk. To give our Ridgewood-area customers the reassurance they deserve, we stand by our entire service list, including our mosquito control treatments, with one of the industry’s most comprehensive guarantees. If you aren’t satisfied with a treatment, let us know! We’ll make it right.

Call Lawn Doctor of Central Bergen today at (201) 445-2007 to learn more about our mosquito control service options and schedule your free lawn evaluation. Our lawn care solutions are available to homeowners spanning the entire Ridgewood area, including Wyckoff, Franklin Lakes, Glen Rock and the surrounding communities.