Lawn Weed Control Service in Ridgewood

When it comes to your backyard, you want it to be lush and healthy. But when unsightly weeds are taking over, it can impact your enjoyment, as well as your home’s curb appeal. Take back your lawn – and gain the upper hand against unwanted invaders in it – with Lawn Doctor of Central Bergen. We offer lawn weed control services to customers across the Ridgewood, Wyckoff, Franklin Lakes, and Glen Rock, NJ areas. Whether your infestation is large or small, we offer the proven approach and powerful treatments you need for fighting off weeds and achieving a flourishing lawn.

Lawn Weed Control: Types We Treat in the Ridgewood Area

Father and daughter playing ball on a green lawn with trees in background showing lawn weed control in Ridgewood

Just like grass and flowers, weeds are simply plants growing in your yard. But unlike turf and tulips, you don’t want to see these particular ones. Not only do weeds impact the appearance of your property, but also the overall health of your grass too as they eat away at the nutrients in the soil and take away space from turf.

When this is happening in your lawn, let the professionals at Lawn Doctor of Central Bergen help. We offer lawn weed control to customers all over the Ridgewood area that’s proven effective against a wide variety, including the two main types: broadleaf and grassy. We also offer control for those weeds that are cool-season or warm-season, as well as perennial or annual. Whatever time of year you’re seeing weeds grow and whichever types you have in your lawn, our expert team can get a handle on them, so they’re thoroughly treated and suppressed.

Lawn Doctor of Central Bergen: About Our Weed Treatments

Whether it’s dandelion, crabgrass or something else entirely that’s landed in your lawn, Lawn Doctor of Central Bergen has the solutions you need. We offer powerful pre-emergent control that gets to weeds when they’re most vulnerable, as they’re starting to grow underground. For those weeds that have already gained a foothold in your lawn and are well-established, our post-emergent treatments are effective in controlling them and stopping their spread.

At Lawn Doctor of Central Bergen, we also know thick, healthy turf is your best defense against future weeds. We can protect your lawn and preserve its health with our annual Lawn Maintainer program. It’s designed for property owners across the Ridgewood area and offers proactive weed control and fertilization treatments to fuel healthy growth and prevent future weeds from taking root.

Call Lawn Doctor of Central Bergen today at (201) 445-2007 to learn more. We offer free lawn weed control evaluations and estimates to customers across many local communities, including in Ridgewood, Glen Rock, Wyckoff, and Franklin Lakes, NJ.