Professional Turf Care in Wheaton for a Beautiful, Healthy Lawn

extremely green grass photo fills entire frame showing turf care in WheatonA thick, green, and healthy lawn not only looks great, it helps boost the curb appeal of your home.  However, keeping your lawn healthy and green can be a demanding task, especially during seasonal transitions and harsh weather conditions.  With the consistent treatments we use at Lawn Doctor of Batavia-Aurora, we keep area lawns full and green through the year while saving area homeowners from the trouble of maintaining and repairing their lawns on their own.  With our top-notch turf care treatments, our knowledgeable technicians bring healthier and better-looking lawns to homeowners located throughout the Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, West Chicago, Winfield, Geneva, and Lombard, IL areas.

Our Turf Care Treatments in Wheaton

We keep area lawns in great shape through the year by treating the lawn appropriately based on the seasonal conditions to promote consistent growth and good health. Here is a closer look at a few of the essential services in our turf care programs:

Fertilization. Fertilization is the cornerstone of any successful lawn care program. Without ample nutrients, your lawn won’t be able to stay healthy and support new growth throughout the year. Our fertilization treatments use custom-blended fertilizers and professional application equipment to ensure the right amount of product is applied and ensure complete and accurate coverage for your lawn.

Core Aeration. Turf grass roots need oxygen to thrive.  The the Midwest, we tend to have heavy clay in our lawns which tends to compact easily squeezing teh pore spaces out of the soil and choking the grass roots.  The soil compaction also cuts off access to water and nutrients.  Core aeration is the process to re-open the pore spaces in the soil for the grass roots and to help the turf grass start growing vigorously to recover from the stresses of Winter of Summer.

Power Seeding. For thick grass that lasts, effective seeding services are a must. Lawns can develop thin areas over time or as a symptom of one of many common lawn diseases. With our power seeding treatments, we quickly and effectively thicken up lagging areas in your lawn and give it an even, healthy look.

Turf Care with a Guarantee

One of the biggest disadvantages of applying turf care treatments on your own is the lack of a guarantee. To ensure that your lawn is protected throughout the treatment process, protected treatments are a no-brainer. We bring our customers peace of mind during treatment by protecting our entire treatment list with one of the most comprehensive service guarantees in the industry. If you’re not happy with a treatment, we’ll either come back to re-apply the previous treatment or refund your money from the previous treatment; it is that simple.

Call Lawn Doctor of Batavia-Aurora today at (630) 406-8535 for additional information on the turf care treatments we offer to our neighboring homeowners spanning Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, West Chicago, Winfield, Geneva, Lombard, and the surrounding communities.