Natural & Organic Lawn Care in the Naperville Area

Getting a thick, green lawn – one that’s eco-friendly – doesn’t have to be a hassle. In fact, at Lawn Doctor of Batavia-Aurora, we make the process easy. We offer homeowners all over Naperville, IL, as well as Batavia, Aurora, and beyond, a wide variety of organic lawn care services. We rely on all-natural products, eco-friendly techniques, and proprietary equipment for the best possible results in your lawn.

What to Expect from Our Organic Lawn Care Services

Pretty Woman playing with cute puppy on organic lawn care Naperville green grass

If you’ve never used organic lawn care services on your Naperville lawn before, you might not know what to expect. At Lawn Doctor of Batavia-Aurora, we have the answers you need. With an organic approach, your lawn won’t have the same appearance as with our traditional programs, like Lawn Maintainer. It will, however, have:

  • More natural matter in the soil and stronger soil life
  • Healthier, deeper-growing roots
  • Improved defenses against weeds, pests, and diseases
  • More tolerance to environmental stress, such as drought
  • A stronger, better-looking lawn overall
  • A smaller carbon footprint

With our organic lawn care services for Naperville area homeowners, you can also gain peace of mind that you’re providing an environment that’s completely safe for your kids and pets to play in. To achieve the best results, though, you’ll need to follow our lawn care best practices between service visits.

Organic Lawn Care Services in the Naperville Area

green organic lawn care grass in Naperville

Using an organic approach never means you’re limited with your lawn care options. In fact, at Lawn Doctor of Batavia-Aurora, we offer customers all over the Naperville area a wide range of eco-friendly solutions for their lawns, including:

  • 100% Natural Fertilizers & Proprietary Turf Tamer® Application Equipment
  • Natural Weed Control for Broadleaf and Pre-Emergent Weeds
  • Integrated Pest Control Management
  • Natural Insect Control
  • Surface Feeding Programs
  • Core Aeration
  • Soil Enrichment
  • Power Seeding
  • Mole Repellant
  • pH Adjustments with Sulfur or Lime

Some of these services may require more frequent applications in greater quantities than with our traditional programs. But, whether you choose Lawn Doctor of Batavia-Aurora for organic lawn care or our traditional program using synthetic products, you’re always covered with our service guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll either come back to re-apply the previous treatment or refund your money from the previous treatment.

Get started today by calling Lawn Doctor of Batavia-Aurora at 630.406.8535 and scheduling your free consultation. Our organic lawn care services are available in Naperville, IL, as well as Lisle, Downers Grove, St. Charles, Aurora, Batavia, and the surrounding communities.