Lawn Aeration in Basking Ridge

Want to improve the effectiveness of fertilization and get your lawn growing healthy and strong again? Aeration is the answer. And with Lawn Doctor of Bernardsville-Basking Ridge, we make the process easy. With our lawn aeration services, offered across the Basking Ridge and Bernardsville, NJ areas, we can help your lawn breathe again by opening up your soil, reducing heavy thatch, and enabling grass roots to absorb more of what they need to thrive.

Lawn Aeration: The Benefits for Basking Ridge’s Homeowners

green grass treated by lawn aeration in Basking RidgeAeration is a simple process for creating openings in your lawn for more air to circulate, and water, sunlight, and nutrients to penetrate. Yet, it offers big benefits to your lawn in the form of:

  • Healthier turf that requires less maintenance
  • Roots that have more room to grow deeper and stronger
  • Less susceptibility to disease and thatch buildup
  • Improved drainage
  • Better tolerance to heat and drought

At Lawn Doctor of Bernardsville-Basking Ridge, we recommend regular aeration for local lawns. This is especially true if you have dense, clay soil; your yard gets heavy usage; or equipment and vehicles are parked on it. Likewise, if you’re noticing poor drainage with puddles of water, deficient-looking grass, and a weed overgrowth, these are also indications that aeration is needed.

Lawn Aeration Services: How Our Process in Basking Ridge Works

While you can certainly rent an aeration machine and perform the job yourself, it’s easy to make mistakes. Plus equipment is heavy and often hard to use. Instead, consider professional lawn aeration services from Lawn Doctor of Bernardsville-Basking Ridge.

With our approach, we use a method called core aeration, putting our exclusive, best-in-class Turf Tamer® equipment to use. It works by removing small soil plugs around ¼ to ¾ inches in diameter and several inches deep. This enables more nutrients, water, and other important essentials to get through to roots. After lawn aeration, if you’d like, Lawn Doctor of Bernardsville-Basking Ridge can seed your lawn too, leading to better turf density and a more beautiful yard.

When it comes to timing aeration, it depends on your grass type. But with Lawn Doctor of Bernardsville-Basking Ridge, you can always expect our expert aeration team to recommend the right season for your unique lawn. Lawn aeration is best performed just prior to peak growth, so grass can easily heal and fill in holes without weeds spreading. During the weeks and months following the treatment, you’ll see a dramatic difference in thickness and health.

Find out more from the lawn aeration team trusted across Basking Ridge, Bernardsville, Far Hills, Peapack-Gladstone, Bedminster, Long Hill Township, and in other nearby NJ communities. Call Lawn Doctor of Bernardsville-Basking Ridge today at (908) 626-0303 for your free estimate.