Flea Control in Basking Ridge

Fleas are often disregarded as an insignificant threat when they’re compared to other invasive pests like ticks and mosquitoes. However, having fleas around comes with a long list of risks for both you and your pets. Because of how invasive and harmful fleas can be, taking preventative steps against them is essential. Along with our professional flea control in Basking Ridge, there are a few other steps that can be taken to keep fleas at bay and keep them off your pets.

Tips to Protect Your Pets From Fleas

There’s a long list of different steps you can take to protect your pets from fleas. Here’s a quick overview of some of the most effective flea prevention steps you can take in the Basking Ridge area:

1. Check Your Pets for Fleas Often

One of the best ways to protect your pets from the irritating and potentially dangerous bites that fleas deliver is to catch them early. Checking your pets for fleas regularly, especially after they come in from spending time outside.

2. Bathe Your Pets Regularly

Another important step towards protecting your pets from fleas is to bathe them on a regular basis. Using flea-specific shampoos can help you address any of these insects that are taking up residence in your pet’s fur.

3. Wash Your Pet’s Bedding

Along with hanging out in your pet’s fur, these pests can also hang out in your pet’s bedding. Washing and drying their bedding on high heat is a helpful step for fighting fleas in your indoor spaces and keeping them off your furry friends.

4. Limit Contact with Wild Animals and Strays

Fleas can jump from one animal to another. Limiting your pet’s interactions with wild animals and strays can go a long way toward keeping them free of fleas.

5. Sign Up for Professional Flea Control

The best way to keep fleas off your pets is to keep them out of your yard in Basking Ridge in the first place. That’s where our team comes in.

Our Proven Flea Control in Basking Ridge

Our flea control solutions use a comprehensive treatment approach and cutting-edge products to bring you protection you can depend on. And along with treating your yard directly, we’ll work with you to reduce flea-attracting risk factors.

We offer proven flea control solutions to our neighbors in these areas:

  • Basking Ridge
  • Bernardsville
  • Far Hills
  • Peapack-Gladstone
  • Bedminster
  • Long Hill Township
  • And throughout the surrounding communities

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