6 Advantages of Hiring a Yard Care Service in Antioch

Pretty Woman playing with cute puppy on manicured green grass showing yard care service in AntiochSpotty growth, stubborn weeds, spreading diseases. Do any of these sound familiar? If they do, you’re not alone. In fact, these and other lawn care problems are the reason so many homeowners throughout the Antioch, IL area call in back up in the form of a professional yard care service. When you take that same step, you can enjoy many helpful advantages, such as:

A full selection of customized services. Whether your lawn needs to be fertilized, weeds are getting out of hand, or soil compaction is an issue, a yard care service can diagnose and deal with all kinds of problems common in the Antioch area. They’ll also create a plan for treating them based on the characteristics of your yard, like grass type, size, slopes, and sun exposure.

A more convenient approach. Rather than spending Saturdays running to a nearby store in the Antioch area and renting yard care equipment, just pick up of the phone and make one call to a service team. You’ll get the turf treatments your lawn needs and the time in your day you deserve.

A partner in lawn care. Beyond treating your lawn, a professional will provide you with guidance on best maintenance practices. You can then maximize your lawn’s health by tackling tasks like mowing and watering correctly.

A home with more beautiful curb appeal. A yard care service can do so much more than apply fertilizer and weed control. They’ll be able to produce the full, soft, green grass that better complements your home, enhancing curb appeal and value.

A healthier atmosphere. Grass that grows strong with deep roots and thick blades provides environmental benefits, too. In fact, it purifies the air, reduces noise pollution, and cuts down on erosion and runoff.

An outdoor haven. Your yard should be a place where you’re proud to host parties and feel good about relaxing. A yard care service can ensure this, improving your quality of life in the process.

Get Started with Antioch’s Guaranteed Yard Care Service

Hosting a big party this summer? Want softer, lusher grass that feels great underfoot? Looking for a simpler approach to lawn care? Whatever your lawn or lifestyle goals, the yard care service team at Lawn Doctor of Antioch has the green thumb you need. We can tackle a wide range of treatments that get your grass back working for you and growing beautifully, guaranteed.

Call Lawn Doctor of Antioch at (847) 395-0940 to set up your free consultation. Our yard care service is relied upon in many communities in the Antioch area, such as Lake Villa, Gurnee, Waukegan, Zion, and Lake Forest, IL, as well as Pleasant Prairie and Kenosha, WI.