Lawn Aeration in Antioch: What Is It And When Do You Need It?

Not seeing the beautiful lawn you want? Many common issues can lead to problems with color, thickness, and health. Two of the biggest issues involve soil compaction and surface thatch. Both of these prevent grass roots from absorbing necessary nutrients, water, and oxygen. At the same time, compaction actually pressures and suffocates roots. If you’re not sure what to do about it, Lawn Doctor of Antioch can help. With our lawn aeration services, provided to customers throughout the Antioch, IL area, we offer the antidote to thatch and compaction and the solution for a healthier lawn, guaranteed.

Lawn Aeration from Lawn Doctor of Antioch: What Are the Benefits?

You might think lawn aeration is only for severely damaged lawns in Antioch. But actually, every lawn should be aerated. Some simply require it more often than others. However, if your lawn gets a good amount of foot traffic, has clay soil, or you simply mow it and walk on it regularly, these will all eventually lead to compacted conditions.

With core aeration, which is the method Lawn Doctor of Antioch recommends and uses, small plugs that are several inches in length are removed from around your lawn and left behind. These naturally decompose over time and nourish your lawn as they do. The cored-out holes then create opportunities for more rain, fertilizer, oxygen, and other essentials to get into the root zone. They also relieve pressure from compaction and heavy thatch build-up.

Once your lawn is well-aerated and breathing easier, it will benefit from:

  • Better soil conditions
  • A stronger root system
  • Stimulated growth
  • Improved drainage
  • Enhanced effectiveness of fertilization and other lawn care efforts
  • Fewer issues with thatch, weeds, and diseases

Lawn Aeration Timing in Antioch: When to Perform It & How Often

One critical consideration when it comes to effective aeration involves timing. If not performed at the optimal point in the grass growth cycle, it can actually damage your lawn. That’s why it’s always best to leave the job of lawn aeration to professionals, like those at Lawn Doctor of Antioch. We’ll assess your lawn and grass types to devise an approach that will bring out its best. For Midwest lawns, which typically have cool-season grasses, early spring and fall are often the best times to aerate. Grass is growing actively without weeds trying to take over.

Our lawn aeration services are offered in Antioch, as well as many nearby areas, including Lake Villa, Lindenhurst, Fox Lake, Wadsworth, Waukegan, Gurnee, Beach Park, Zion, and Lake Forest, IL, as well as Pleasant Prairie and Kenosha, WI. Call Lawn Doctor of Antioch at (847) 395-0940 today to learn more with a free consultation.