It’s Time for Tick Control in Alpharetta

Tick Control in Alpharetta

Are you worried about ticks in your lawn this year? With Lawn Doctor of Alpharetta-Cumming, you never have to be. In fact, we offer tick control that is specifically designed for the Alpharetta and Cumming, GA area’s climate and pest conditions, giving you the most effective protection possible. Not only that, but it’s affordable too, so you can have total peace of mind in terms of your yard and your budget.

How Our Tick Control for Alpharetta Homeowners Works

Ticks are aggressive intruders and where you see one, there are many more gaining ground in your lawn. But with Lawn Doctor of Alpharetta-Cumming, we’ve got the proven solution. It’s called Yard Armour® Tick Control and it was created to provide you with a season full of fun and enjoyment, while we handle key treatments. These include treatments to:

Prevent ticks. As experts in tick control, we believe the best way to deal with these pests is to stop an infestation before it starts with a powerful barrier application.

Get ticks under control. Even if you’re already noticing ticks, it’s not too late to cut into their numbers and stop those bites and potential illnesses with our powerful treatments.

Suppress them for months. We’ll also return during the whole tick season with continual maintenance sprays to keep them away and protect your pets and family.

With our Yard Armour program, we’ll also give you tips and advice on how you can make your lawn less attractive to these dangerous pests. For instance, regular mowing and pruning trees and shrubs is important since it limits shade and potential places where ticks like to hide. We’ll walk your property and point out what to do and when, so you can build the best defense possible against ticks.

Call Today to Get Control Over Ticks in Your Yard!

With Lawn Doctor of Alpharetta-Cumming, you’ll not only get total tick control, but confidence too. You won’t have to worry about constant tick checks every time you step outside. Instead, you can spend time in your yard without worry about these problem pests and the dangerous diseases they can spread. To take advantage of this high level of tick control, we’re a call away in:

For effective and affordable tick control in Alpharetta, GA, contact us today and set up your free consultation and estimate!