Lawn Weed Control in Alpharetta

Crabgrass, clover, dandelions – oh my! They’re the bane of homeowners everywhere. But as Alpharetta, GA’s lawn weed control specialists, Lawn Doctor of Alpharetta knows that with the right products and strategy, you can gain control over stubborn weeds. And we can help. From experienced technicians to exclusive, maClose up of blades of grass that need lawn weed control servicesde-in-America equipment, we have what it takes to win the war on weeds in your lawn.

The ABCs of Common Weeds

Weeds aren’t pretty to look at. But what’s worse is that they can cause serious damage to your lawn. As they grow and take root, they can start crowding out healthy grass, absorbing nutrients, sunlight and water in the process. As a result, your grass will begin to starve, growing weaker and thinner. But before you take action to eradicate weeds in your lawn, it’s important to know the different types and their growing seasons.

Most weeds that grow in lawns in the U.S. are either broadleaf or grassy. Broadleaf weeds have a wider leaf and include dandelion, purslane, clover, wild violet and henbit. Conversely, grassy weeds, like crabgrass, look more like grass. They even grow under the same conditions, making them trickier to get under control.

Depending on the kind, both broadleaf and grassy weeds can have various life cycles. If a weed is an annual, that means it can grow back multiple times during one year. If, however, it’s perennial, it can last for many seasons. When it comes to perennials, these can be harder to treat since the full weed, including the root, needs to be removed.

Besides varying lifespans, weeds can also differ in terms of their growing season. Some are warm-season, while others are cool-season. At Lawn Doctor of Alpharetta, we know that depending on the types of weeds you have in your lawn, you need to take into account when they actively grow to effectively treat and control them.

Trusted Professional Lawn Weed Control Services in Alpharetta

Lawn weed control can get complicated. Not only do you need to know the types of weeds you have, but also the right time to treat them. Why not leave the hassle to the lawn weed control experts at Lawn Doctor of Alpharetta? You can go relax, or do something you enjoy, while we identify weed types in your lawn, craft a custom control plan, and get to work treating and suppressing them. From pre- and post-emergent weed control services to preventative measures, we have your lawn covered.

Whether you live in Alpharetta – or in Buford, Gainesville, Dacula, Dawsonville or Cumming, GA – turn to Lawn Doctor of Alpharetta for proven lawn weed control services. To set up your free evaluation and service estimate, simply call us today at 770.888.4779.