About Us

lawn doctor wexford ownerLawn Doctor of Cranberry Twp-Gibsonia-Mars-Wexford-McCandless-Sewickley PA is owned and operated by husband-and-wife team Daniel and Bobbi Carness. Their two teenage children serve as business helpers during the summer months.

“Prior to joining Lawn Doctor, I used the lawn service that was in our area for about 10 years – but it was a big corporation, and I felt I got bare minimum from them,” says Daniel. “I take every opportunity to make sure my customers don’t ever feel that way about my business and Lawn Doctor as a whole.”

There is a very fierce sense of community pride in many Pittsburgh communities, and we’re lucky enough to work in quite a few of them.” adds Bobbi. For example, we’re all very proud to say “I’m from Upper St. Clair”. This same pride permeates many neighborhoods and extends to homeownership and the upkeep of properties, especially lawns and landscapes.”